2 months ago

Myocarditis: 50% Will Die | Dr. Chris Shoemaker

Dr. Shoemaker is a frontline physician in Canada who has worked for the past two years at the West Ottawa Covid Care Clinic. Early this year, Dr. Shoemaker became aware of the harms caused by the so-called vaccines and has been working diligently since to warn people not to take the shots, and especially to protect their children. Vaxxed himself, despite working in a Covid clinic, Dr. Shoemaker did not contract Covid until after he got two Moderna shots. In this interview he discusses the many dangers of the vaccines.
• Why are those with the most robust immune systems the most likely to die?
• Why are athletes dropping dead in record numbers?
• How do the shots cause an autoimmune response?
• What home treatments are available for the vaccine injured?

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