Ken Drysdale’s Damning Report is making waves!

1 year ago

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Ken Drysdale have a conversation about the progress Ken and the people who support his efforts have been making since sharing the damning report back in July, how the RCMP has been responding to the demanding of an investigation, .

Ken R. Drysdale is an executive engineer with over 40 years of experience as a Professional Engineer, which includes 29 years experience in the development and management of national and regional engineering businesses.

After having established Accutech as a leader in the development of Arctic projects, in 2015 Ken successfully negotiated the sale of Accutech Engineering Inc., to a group of investors. Accutech remains the most recognized name in Arctic development in Canada, and annually completes the design for some $50 M dollars of construction in Canada’s Arctic.

Ken previously made an appearance on The Grey Matter Podcast sharing a damning report collating and detailing Statistics Canada data to show how information has been manipulated by the Mainstream Media outlets to further a nefarious narrative most have dismissed as conspiracy theory fodder.

To get a copy of the report written by Ken Drysdale you can visit:

To watch Ken’s first interview on The Grey Matter Podcast you can visit:

Drysdale & Grey open up about what’s happened since the report Ken curated has hit the internet, how they’ve reached over a quarter of a million downloads, and how our public defenders have been responding to the report.

To find more from Ken Drysdale you can visit:

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