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Thanksgiving Special with Resistance Chicks & Special Guests!

Resistance Chicks' Thanksgiving Special will have leading authorities on our pilgrim forefathers- Leo and Nancy Martin of The Jenney Interpretive Centre, along with Scott Kesterson host of Bards.FM, Dr. John Diamond, host of America Unhinged, Robert and Jaime Agee of, historian & speaker Craig Siebert of, Revivalist and Pastor Devin O'neal of the Trail of Joy Tour, Author of Pray America Great, Donica Hudson, William Bradford descendant Amy Denman, and author of The Forefathers Monument Guidebook, Michelle Gallagher!
Think you know who the Pilgrims, that washed up on Cape Cod’s shores, actually were? Most people think of them as tight laced, black hat wearing, religious zealots. Nothing could be further from the truth. Buckle up for real life stories filled with inspiration, adventure & courage! Come join us for an amazing night with the best local historians in Plymouth, MA and speakers from our September event in America's hometown, Plymouth!

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