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How To Destroy Crypto ( FTX )


Create a corrupt cryptocurrency ( FTX ) designed to fail, that scams people, resulting in regulations that destroy valid cryptocurrencies ( like Bitcoin ), and then offer the centralized digital fiat scam of Central Bank Digital Currencies ( CBDC ) as a replacement.

FTX appeared in 2019. Based out of the Bahamas, FTX was set-up for corrupt operations from the start ( Ukraine DNC & WEF etc ) with Sam Bankman-Fried as the CEO figurehead. Using "elite investors", and the scam of Bankman-Fried giving away "free" money, FTX garnered support among many naive people. Nothing is free, someone, somewhere always has to pay the price. Most of us thinking people realize that by now.

"How World Economic Forum, others are hiding their past ties with FTX"


FTX is now an excuse for corrupt governments to "regulate" decentralized cryptocurrencies out of existence.

You thought the corruption was bad before with physical fiat money? Combined with Environmental, Social, and Governance ( ESG ) scores, CBDC will destroy your right to speak, your right to protest, and your right to defend yourself. Think of the Chinese CCP policies worldwide, making life a living hell, with no escape. That is what it is, the Chinese CCP control system is the Central Bankers model for everyone, everywhere.

The stranglehold of corrupt people in positions of power will be infinite with ESG combined with CBDC. ESG rules based upon whatever they want to make up, and starving you out with the flip of a switch. Standard fiat currency banks and everything related to them will also disappear, costing millions of jobs. Corrupt people in positions of power will have access to everything, and they will leave you as a disposable slave enduring a horrific future, or dead if you attempt to escape their evil. "You will own nothing, and be happy", they say, as if they determine your state of mind.

FTX was not only a money laundering scam that ripped off millions of people. FTX also helped hide the benefits of successful therapeutics, like ivermectin, and helped boost dangerous experimental treatments like the shots and remdesivir.

FTX did this through supporting fraudulent studies via billions in ponzi-scheme digital fiat money.

A new "FTX" is exactly what the corrupt want worldwide, as a corrupt global CBDC combined with corrupt ESG "regulations", so that they may steal everything from you as they slowly kill and enslave you.

Are you going to let them do that?

If NO, then please share this video so that the reality of the corrupts' scams may be exposed via the infinite light of truth.

You, yes you, along with billions of other people have the power and the ability to hold off evil, such as the freedom destroying CBDC and corrupt ESG scores, simply by sharing this information with everyone around you.


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Satan sings a lullaby


It is better to die fighting, rather than to simply exist in a living hell.


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