Tisas USA PX-9 GEN3 Night Stalker SF 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

Published November 21, 2022 9 Views

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Boge Quinn (https://gunblast.com/) tests the PX-9 GEN3 Night Stalker SF Striker-Fired 9mm Semi-automatic Pistol from Tisas USA. The Tisas Night Stalker is a quality Turkish-made pistol that packs an amazing list of features into its $599.95 retail price: attractive gray Cerakote finish; lightening cuts in the slide; hammer-forged barrel with 1/2"x28 threaded muzzle with steel thread protector; RMR slide cut for optic mounting; steel dovetailed fixed rear sight w/ Tritium Hi-Viz Front (Glock® 9/40Cut); Customizable Grip w/ Interchangeable Side Panels & Back-strap, Offering 27 Grip Configurations; Removable Flared Magazine Well Adapter; 18-round and 20-round steel magazines; IWB holster; and lockable & waterproof hard case with fitted hard foam inserts.

Tisas USA: https://www.tisasusa.com/default.asp

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