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Dark to Light: Arizona and Missouri v. Biden

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Beanz is back and they start the show with a really uplifting and amazing story from when Beanz was away. Then, it's right into business. What is going on in AZ? Frank and Beanz go over the letter from the AG along with some information straight from witnesses to the happenings in Maricopa on election day and then discuss what it all could mean. Next, it's on to an update about the most important court case in the entire country right now, Missouri v. Biden, and where we are in the government tantrum. Lastly, a bit of lighthearted banter to close out the show. Don't miss today!


Arizona AG writes a letter:

UncoverDC on why we shouldn't certify:

Cleta Mitchell shares the Election Integrity Network:

An observers observations:

Maricopa County Attorney curses out a Kari Lake lawyer:

People lose it on Trump reinstatement:

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