LTN Barnsbury first public consultation is a WHITEWASH at West Library Islington

1 year ago

On Tuesday 15th November 2022 a meeting went ahead at Islington West library despite a very large protest by interested parties that also wished to attend, yet due to the booked room size, were unable to do so, many demanded that the meeting be cancelled and rescheduled.

Rowena Champion arrogantly refused to do so and as confirmed by those present, ran the 'meeting' right through to Q & As aided by others to allow a wholly undemocratic event to happen.

For the record there were all sides to the proposals in attendance and those outside the meeting were excluded, plain and simple.

We were actually there on the ground, we recorded events and interviews and published as is (unlike other emporiums) and where EVERYONE was welcome to be interviewed for their views and as such, this reportage reflects EXACTLY what played out that evening.

There is ONE local paper, the Islington Tribune that covered a wide range of angles, credit to Journalist Charlotte Chambers where all others failed.

It is your community and an opportunity to be seen and heard.

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