Will Arizona Be the First Domino to Finally Fall in Our Fight Against Voter Fraud?

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As anyone who's followed my writing or shows the last couple of years knows, I'm not one who peddles false hope. I don't get worked up about "trusting the plan" or believing that we're on the verge of a major arrest against the Deep State, Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, or anyone on the left. I'm skeptical about any "conservative" or alternative media reports that amazing things are just around the corner or the walls are closing in on the bad guys.

I've also been hesitant to report on any hopeful news about reversing stolen elections or at least holding people accountable for stealing them. That doesn't jibe with my ongoing fight to try to make those things happen; call me a masochist for continuing to fight for something that I believe is usually futile. But as a United States citizen I am sworn to defend the Constitution and there have been few greater crimes against this nation than the last two stolen elections. So I fight even if I don't have much hope.

I was not one who "moved on" nor will I ever be until the truth is revealed.

The last couple of days have brought me the brightest glimmer of hope I've had in two years when it comes to stolen elections. After talking to many people involved with campaigns in four states, I can tell you that there really is a chance we can have movement on this issue. Arizona is the best one in play, in which I'd give about a 20%-30% chance of success. Earlier this week I was at 5% at best, so this is a good change. MOMENTUM!

In Arizona, we do not have to prove voter fraud. We don't even need to prove intent. We just have to prove there are enough Arizonans who have valid reasons to not trust the election results. That's it. And since we're talking about civil cases, we do not need to achieve the high bar of "beyond a reasonable doubt." We need a preponderance of evidence in our favor and a judge who's willing to do the right thing by annulling the election.

Those last two components are easier said than done. Even though we only need a preponderance of evidence in theory, the reality is we need a slam dunk. We need it to be a no-brainer that the voters in Arizona have been disenfranchised by the process, by a vote-counting system that was run by a candidate for governor, and by a series of uncanny events that took place on election day. We also need to get the right judge, which can be challenging.

But it can happen. I have hope, as I detailed on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

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