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Independent Media Must Deliver the Missing Truth. “You Gotta Wanna”

Kelly Gallagher - Writer/Producer/Truther/Survivor

You Gotta Wanna
Jammin Planet Productions

Kelly Gallagher has superpowers, and she is on a mission. (Think Blues Brothers -- and one of Kelly’s many connections, ghost-buster Dan Aykroyd.) Kelly’s superpower is connecting people and projects. Her mission – set in motion by being a five-time cancer survivor – is to bring out the truth, especially where health and wellness are concerned.

Many now waking up are realizing we’ve all been lied to. We’ve been lied to about the safety of fluoridated water and amalgam (mercury) dental fillings; about the safety of OTC antacids and common drugs like Tylenol; lied to about the safety of root canals. We’ve even been lied to about the “dangers of” cholesterol, eggs, butter, salt, saturated fats, and raw dairy.

We were told it would just take three weeks to flatten the curve; that millions were dying from COVID; and that the CV-19 “vaccines” were safe and effective. We were told the vaccines stay at the injection site, and do not interfere with our DNA. None of it was true.

Kelly Gallagher – an award-winning writer/producer and the force behind the Doctors Who Rock awards, has a mission to bring this truth forward. She was the catalyst behind the Plandemic film and Planet Lockdown, to name a few. Kelly also helped get laws put in place to ban and/or limit the use of mercury amalgam fillings. And as a five-time cancer survivor, she is very familiar with both our corrupt system and the maverick doctors and healers who kept her alive and who know what real health really is.

Today, Kelly continues to bring the truth forward. As she says, the projects come to her. She doesn’t seek them out. Chronic fatigue, parasitic infections, autism, and health issues caused by retro-viruses (which most of us carry because they have contaminated America’s vaccines) are real; these are not “psycho-somatic” illnesses as many conventional docs often tell their patients. Similarly, many so-called mental health issues are rooted in physical causes, like the many toxins people are being exposed to every day -- in the food, the water, the clothing and furniture, the air, Wi-Fi, cell phones, and the list goes on.

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