Tigers Can Get COVID-19 According To Fake News CTV

Published November 17, 2022 153 Views
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See TV is a Canadian broadcaster that is little more than a propaganda circulator for the Liberal Party of Canada. A young and extremely far left propagandist working for the company has released an article which is bold Lee stating animals can get covid.

As I always do, I debunked the entire argument. I even used her own evidence against her to prove that she lied about the fact that animals can catch human diseases.

Most media companies in Canada have been bribed by the Liberal Party to make you believe there was some kind of disease killing people all over the world. Because human beings no longer believe the story that human beings can catch this Phantom disease, they want us to believe that animals can catch it specifically so they can just keep frightening you in the news.

Thank God, that Kevin J. Johnson is here to save the day!

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