Bill Gates challenged in Indian and French courts. Will justice prevail?

1 year ago

In this must watch episode, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed engages Adv Dipali Ojha, attorney Diane Protat, and journalist Xavier Azalbert about legal actions against controversial billionaire Bill Gates. In India, he is being sued $125 million for a vaccine-related death of a 32 year old doctor. In France, he is being sued for misrepresentation and defamation while speaking live on French television. All three are determined to ensure that vaccine oligarch Gates faces justice for his role in causing, censoring and profiteering off vaccine related harm. Time is running out as the flood gates of litigation open.

We also engage:

- Other vaccine deaths and compensation in India / France

- Whether the BMGF-funded Serum Institute can be trusted

- A campaign to highlight menstruation-related adverse effects

- The role of independent media vs the role of conflicted media

- The role of social media in the 'safe and effective' PR campaign

- Conflicts of interest, concentration of power, and corporate monopolies





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