You Know the Digital ID, Now Learn About the Trusted Digital Identity!

1 year ago

This is pure tyranny with a big ole' T. This absolutely can NOT be allowed. To quote: " The WEF calls it a ‘life score’: They wrote in “Trust in 2030 – from institutions to individuals”:

“By 2030, we’ll see, for example, credit scoring expanding into ‘life scoring’. Identity and reputation will be digitised and analysed in minute detail, shaping a future where a personal ‘trust score’ will be the norm, with all the benefits and drawbacks that might bring.”

The WEF say that:

“It’s already underway in China, where, in a pilot scheme, citizens are being given a Social Citizen Score based on individual actions. Their simple everyday choices – from their shopping selections or patterns of bill payment to their choice of friend – all go towards influencing that score, whether the person is aware of it or not.“

“Fair or unfair, the results will be on permanent record.”

Adding: “It’s easy to imagine a similar system becoming universal.”

Fujitsu is also developing a blockchain-based Decentralized Identity (DID) platform to boost trust in digital transactions.

Fujitsu say they will convert those Trust scores into a simple graph, making it easy for people to assess the trustworthiness of another party before performing an exchange.

Does this alarm you? You must contact your legislators asap and demand this stop NOW!

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