The Peoples v Arizona Legislature Election Remedy [Hand of God is Upon us]

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In this video you shall see the remedy that David Jose has put together for the People. God is going to get the glory as the people have been ignored by the biggest names out there who usually have zero remedy. You will see the Arizona Legislature run to come back to work and the unthinkable happen by God. The time for remedy is now and you will not believe the fire that is about to be released this am. Get ready as we need you! Here is the Jotform Notice to tell the Arizona Legislature, Supreme Court, and Jim Jordan the demands of the People that we may fix all of this using the People’s power. Please sign and send as this doesn’t have to be notarized:

Here is the Website that you will use in order to get the Arizona People’s Affidavits in order to show wrongs that has happened and who you voted for. This will destroy any attempts to steal this election and all of these should be sent to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, who’s information will come in an email with the Affidavits and instructions how to join us on in the telegram group CONNECTWE where we fight:

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