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1 year ago

Our entire bodies, from our tissues to our organs, our skin and our brain are all made up entirely of cells. They are the building blocks of all living things. And the body is made up of over seventy-five trillion cells.

In order for our entire body to function properly, our cells must first function properly. Everything that happens in our bodies begins on a cellular level. So cellular health is, in a way, the single most important part of bodily health overall. You can’t have a healthy body without healthy cells.

The health of our cells is also linked to looking and feeling younger, looking better as we age, and recovering raster.

So today on Discovering True health we are going to be learning a biohack to improve the health of our cells so we can look and feel younger as we age. As well as some was we can detox and support our cellular health through lifestyle and diet.

My guest today is Risa Lynch, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Cellular Health Coach, anti-aging specialist, and bio hacker. And is devoted to imparting knowledge about holistic ways to support our bodies and empower ourselves to reach our full wellness potential.

Risa currently educates about a breakthrough in science that gets our body to repair and replace damaged cells so we recover faster as well as look and feel younger as we age.

We’ll be discussing:
1. The importance of cellular health, how unhealthy cells affect our bodies, and more about the statement “we are only as healthy as our cells”?

2. What types of things damage and affect our cellular health

3. What happens physiologically when a cell “breaks down” and becomes damaged and what happens if something goes wrong in that process and those cells don’t get repaired or replaced

4. A biohack to improve cellular communication that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells.

5. What redox is and why it’s an important part of the cellular process

6. Other great diet and lifestyle practices to help detox and support our cellular health

7. How can keeping our cells functioning optimally help us stay younger longer and affects the aging process

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