SHERLOC RED ALERT - Precious Metals Research Report

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1 year ago

Sherloc is out with its latest research findings on precious metals.

We'll cover what's happening, where it's going, and what we're doing.
We're excited to share our latest insights.

If you've missed it, the world is crazy - here's a snapshot of what's happening with precious metals:

1. Central banks are buying gold reserves at a record rate - the fastest in 55 years! Central banks bought 399 TONS of gold in Q3 of 2022 - that's around $20B!

2. The Wall Street Journal reports that Catalytic Converter Theft is surging because of precious metals! rhodium, palladium and platinum - BTW, if you drive a Prius, you're a bigger target... they contain more of the metals.

3. This one is the craziest... in Kyoto Japan, Kyoto's Central funeral hall did 13,000 cremations between April and December last year... in all of the left overs, guess what they found?
● (15.7 pounds) of gold
● (0.5 pounds) of platinum
● (46.5 pounds) of silver
● (13.7 pounds) of palladium

Here's what we see on the horizon:

1. Gold & Silver will become way more practical - as world currencies continue to crater (like Turkey's - Gold Imports are up 1700% in country), you will see it become not only a store of wealth, but also a direct method of exchange. Be thinking about small, useable denominations of each.

2. Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium rapidly spike in value. Silver stands a real chance of getting to triple digits given its practical use in regular exchange and current bargain price. For silver, and the other metals, the coming resource wars mean that values will skyrocket. We mentioned the use of metals in catalytic converters, and given the movement towards green, ironically enough these metals are used to "fuel" that movement - and they are used in everyday items... wonder why your iPhone is so expensive? It's got Gold in it!!!

3. Attempts at currency resets, Big brother snooping. Nations, States, Communities, and Parallel Economies are hedging their bets on what they will need to do, including creating their own currencies, which big brother doesn't like. There's also the move by the world gold council, headed by a man by the name of David Tait, that wants to make the gold trading market more liquid... by tracking every ounce of gold. Each of these moves contributes to prices rising.

4. BONUS - hold this stuff physically! Keep some... well, a lot, on you.

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