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If GOP Should Take Both Senate & House: 10 Demands From the Faithful

Well it's a few days later and now we understand the GOP will take the House, with an even chance to win the Senate. GOP is at 50 senators right now. And it’s all up to Herschel Walker in GA. But before we forget what it was like during the Trump Administration and then for the last 2 years of the Biden admin, a horrific anti-American time chock full of mixed up Dem nuts and their illegal activities. So, we must do something to safeguard America’s future so that it be better than the recent past

Ironically, obtuse and demented Joe Biden stated: We're Going To Do "Nothing" Different After Midterm Election This just goes to show you we have to punish wrongdoers for their illegal, unpatriotic and treasonous activities or it will never end. Impeachments must occur and heads must roll. Kill the disease now before it kills us all.

So here are the proposed 10 commitments which achieve the joint good of punishing evil, rewarding good and warning wrongdoers against evil future acts.

Close Border & Deport Illegals, Esp. Troublemakers & Stop Fentanyl
Five million illegals have crossed the border since Joe arrived and now live in America. TX AG Ken Paxton says illegals cost $850 million per year. Trump said $200 billion dollars a year, but with such an incredible stream it could well be $500 billion a year for all we know. Five million illegals cost us trillions of dollars, and none can have real jobs without a Social Security or they wouldn't have to cross secretly like they do. Further, ALL foreign convicts from the border were allowed in except for murder and deadly assault records.

Biden states he plans to continue his border policies, so he will bring in 5 million more illegals so that would be ten million new people in the country. That is larger than the population Of every state in the Union except the top seven. That means we're going to bring in a new state the size of Georgia, North Carolina, or Michigan. This must end. We therefore must CLOSE THE BORDER and begin to deport all of these people that had no right to come in. It’s not fair but it wasn't fair to bring them in illegally to dilute our society and bring on socialism. And all the kids enslaved ort used as organ transplant victims.

Re-Open Keystone & ALL US Gas & Oil Fields
The US is mired in fuel spikes causing gasoline to double or triple what it was just 2 years ago. Most infuriating, this has all been done by choice. Insane because it's caused by closed down gas and oil fields on Federal Land, in the Gulf, and Alaska – while we beg dictatorships to pump more. We need to reopen the Keystone Pipeline, which would deliver almost a million gallons a day from our friend Canada. And massively and swiftly reopen all the other closed lease areas and get back to business as exporters in the greatest energy creating country in the world.

End ALL Speech Codes & Censorship
The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” So what happened? America, former land of the free and the home of the brave, now boasts onerous speech codes across the United States. Many have to do with race, gender, trans or anything that people can get upset about. But we have to end these speech codes. Let’s make up our minds we're going to teach our children how to be tough and not to fall down crying every time they hear an insult. All speech codes against the Constitution must be immediately ended, which means ALL anti-free speech laws.

Close the FBI
The FBI has been the praetorian guard to protect Democrats and now specializes in falsifying evidence against Donald Trump, and any other menacing conservatives. And this has to end. Can you imagine trying to reform the FBI? It would be like trying to make the mafia repent. The FBI spreads cancer across the United States.Our only safe road is to just shut the FBI down and start over with a new national investigative corps.

Send US Troops to Collect All Americans Left in Afghanistan
As our POTUS is a demented scoundrel, he decided to telegraph our enemies when we were leaving Afghanistan. This caused conflict and chaos, resulting in thousands of Americans left behind. WE must immediately drop everything and go and get these Americans out and then blow up all the military weapons we left behind. Let's also put new leadership in the Army, while we’re at it.

Cancel 87,000 New IRS Agents
When Joe Bide entered office, the old buzzard immediately began attacking businesses, including a massive attack on the oil industry. This cost us hundreds of billions in taxes for his war against “Global Warming.” He canceled the Keystone Pipeline his first day. So to make up for lost income and to attack the hated middle class, he signed into law 87,000 new IRS agents . We need to cancel this and stop the 87,000 paramilitary troops, and their giant ammo stockade, or it's going to be bloodshed and tears until Biden disappears.

End Constant Witch Hunt Against Trump & Allies
It's sickening to watch the constant attacks against Trump and his allies under the theory that the left has the right and duty to hunt Trump until he's in prison. Are we a South American Banana Republic? This must stop. We must make an official end to all of the hunts against Trump and the lawsuits against his allies.

Restore National Teaching History, Govt & Logic w/no CRT
The number one problem in America now is probably education. Children are not taught history, government, or logic to consider a few missing subjects. So we need to start new federal rules so that every child may learn logic and rhetoric, history of the West and American Revolution. Also, the history of communism and why Democratic Republicanism is the best form of government. While we’re at it, let’s put an absolute ban on Critical Race Theory.

Prosecute All Trump Conspiracists
The chief activity of the left is scheming new prosecutions to lay against Prez Donald Trump. This is appalling. It makes all good people reluctant to run for office. Further, while Trump may be annoying, he doesn't have a long history of criminal activity. This bullying by the largest government in history is outrageous. We’re not a Banana Republic. So, there needs to be an official apology from the US Dept of Justice for the fake Russia Trump investigation.

Impeach Rogue Dem Leaders: Biden, Mayorkas, etc
Finally, we need to impeach Joe Biden. Please. And lying illegal smuggler Alejandro Mayorkas, FBI’s smugly sly Christopher Wray, incompetent confabulator Kamala Harris, and a few others. Please. Or, dear friends – Would leaving Joe as the head of the rotting Democratic Party be a better punishment?

Joe is the Democrat Party’s very deep symbolic rot, like the bird in Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The Dems, having Joe at the wheel of their ship would be, as Coleride would say, that the irreligious Biden would have round his neck – “Instead of the cross, the Albatross About my neck was hung.” Damned by God to sail forever with Joe, like a crazed, malaria-yellowed and alcohol red-eyed old seadog steering this ship of fools to the Isle of the Damned itself. May the Democratic Party be sent to Davy Jones’s Locker next election, and made extinct.

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