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Corporate Fascism & Abuse of Employees. Is company work safe for the independent-thinking American?

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Charles Ford - The Corrupt Corporation

The gig economy is exploding in part because independent-minded humans can’t stomach the rigidity, and oftentimes the moral dictates, of corporate life. For those unable to leave, life becomes Kafkaesque. Companies' cultures cover greed and avarice using a modern version of the Robber Baron mentality. Dissent is not tolerated and anyone who does receives denial, disparagement, and dismissal. Mr. Ford was fired when his book and website were published.

Setting in stone what are called “Woke” restrictions, Wall Street touts firms that attract investment to corporations that follow ESG - or “environmental, social & governance” guidelines. What the acronym is really about is punishing companies that don’t limit their carbon footprint, that kowtow to woke censorship, and/or support coercive behavior controls. But the more fun meaning of ESG that is gaining viral notoriety is, “Extreme Shortages Guaranteed.”

Working at large companies for decades, Mr. Ford has had good and bad experiences moving boards of directors to do the right thing for their investors, customers, and staff. Upon retirement, he worked part-time as a cashier at Home Depot… until he was terminated. He then put his lessons, experiences, and first-party witness into poetry - Haiku to be specific, and you will want to experience this poetic slam on our corporate overlords!

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