2 months ago

Robert Marzinski Story - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

Linda Marzinski joins us to talk about what happened to her husband Robert in an American Hospital regarding the Covid Protocols. "On Monday November 8, 2021, we thought he was getting bronchitis. He called the Dr. but could not get in so he did a virtual Dr appointment. She would not give an antibiotic. But she gave him one steroid pill and told him he probably had the flu and to wait it out. He developed a low fever and started to talk  and not make sense. I think it was
his oxygen level low or a stroke. He went to St. Mary's Hospital and waited 6 hours and checked himself out so he could sleep at home. They were short staffed and it would be at  least a day for a bed.  No one was allowed in the hospital with him."

Read more about this heartbreaking story and others at https://chbmp.org/cases/murdered-by-fda-death-protocol/robert-marzinski/

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