[UPDATED INTERVIEW] How Did 5 GTA Doctors Die Within 2 Weeks? -Dr. Richard Urso, MD

1 year ago

[July 30, 2022] Five young doctors died in the Greater Toronto Area (pop. ~7 million) within 2 weeks of each other. Dr. Richard Urso, MD, called it "unprecedented." The odds? Like "finding a unicorn."

The first doctor died just 2 days after frontline healthcare workers were offered the 4th Covid jab first. The rest passed within 12 days. Another Saskatchewan physician in died during this time also. Is there a connection?

And why has Pfizer's Paxlovid, one of the most toxic drugs, now available to be prescribed for Covid, not by a doctor, but by an unqualified pharmacist?

Join us here for this extraordinary interview with Dr. Urso, as he explains the possible pathophysiological mechanisms that are leading to the deaths of untold numbers of vaccinees.

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