2 months ago

Sharing Now Available to Larger Companies! The ICHRA gives smart CFOs an alternative to Insurance

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Steve Alley - President at JSA Group LLC

Most innovative CFOs believe funding their own employees’ health costs makes the only alternative to hiring an insurance company to pay bills. Companies with fewer than 50 workers - mostly uninsured - have been adding benefits also with an insurance alternative, called Medical Cost Sharing.

Sharing is to insurance what credit unions are to banks: a shareholder-free alternative allowing profits to be driven back into better service and pricing for members. Sharing costs half what insurance charges, and usually dispense with networks that limit doctor choice: So, Sharing expands access to any healer, worldwide.

Unlike insurance, however, Sharing phases in pre-existing conditions. So, anyone with a recent bout of cancer, heart disease, or any other condition that might blow up in the first year with a Sharing Community, has to settle for ObamaCare.

Instead of fighting ObamaCare, advisors are not coupling it with Sharing - so most employees can upgrade to a non-network Sharing option, while sicker workers get insurance. This combo is available now for businesses with more than 50 workers, via an account called the ICHRA - individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement.

Adding tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts, Direct Primary Care, or money-doubling Health Matching Accounts, CFOs halve their costs and workers get Cadillac protection. For years Mr. Alley has been replacing insurance with innovative benefits that make for a happy workplace.

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