Genesis 2:1-3 - The Sabbath Predates Creation

1 year ago

And God blesseth the seventh day, and sanctifieth it, for in it He hath ceased from all His work which God had prepared for making.
Genesis 2:3

God never does anything haphazardly. Everything is planned; everything is in order. He created the world on a timetable with each element created on a specific day for a purpose. He made the plants to sprout on the third day because it was important that it happen on the third day. God could have made everything in a single instant, yet he designed a process that required seven days. During that time, nothing caught him off guard. Nothing surprised him. He didn't reach the end of the sixth day and say to himself, "Whew! I need a break!" The Seventh Day Sabbath (not the first day or the fourth day) was an inherent part of God's perfect plan from before Creation.

From Jay Carper at Common Sense Bible Study ( and American Torah (

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