The GOD PARADOX - Brian Muraresku & Karen Armstrong

Published November 9, 2022 6,491 Views

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Karen Armstrong OBE FRSL (born 14 November 1944) is a British author and commentator of Irish Catholic descent known for her books on comparative religion. A former Roman Catholic religious sister, she went from a conservative to a more liberal and mystical Christian faith. She attended St Anne's College, Oxford, while in the convent and majored in English. She left the convent in 1969. Her work focuses on commonalities of the major religions, such as the importance of compassion and the Golden Rule.

Brian C. Muraresku is the New York Times Best Selling author of "The Immortality Key: the Secret History of the Religion with No Name". Alumnus of Brown University and Georgetown Law. He was recently on the Joe Rogan Podcast with Graham Hancock (episode 1543) and Lex Fridman Podcast (episode 211).

The Immortality Key is a look into the psychedelic origins of the world's great spiritual practices and what those might mean for how we view ourselves and the world around us.

More information on Brian C. Muraresku here -

The Immortality Key is Muraresku's debut book. In 2020, it became a New York Times bestseller. Audible named it "Best of 2020" in the History category.

This video also features a clip from Joseph Campbell - "The Power of Myth" ep.6

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