Maria Zack with The Constitutional Colonel Larry Kaifesh Show #6 November 7, 2022

1 year ago

Larry Kaifesh sat down this week with Maria Zack, who serves on the Board of Directors of Nations in Action, an organization devoted to spreading freedom globally. She spoke about the 2020 Elections, offered updates on where we are now with developments in data and discussed what likely lies ahead if we don't expose the bad actors that have infiltrated our governments globally.

Zack's past board positions include Georgia Public Policy Foundation, US Chamber SE Government Affairs Council.

Maria Zack is a business strategist, inventor, public speaker and serial entrepreneur. As CEO and founder, Ms. Zack has been successful in creating companies in various fields. She is most fond of her instant success launching a product company that landed her in USA Today twice in the first three weeks of creating the company. This led to the skyrocketing international sales and press!

Currently Ms. Zack is CEO and founder of the IT company, Quantum Solutions Software, devoted to solution-oriented construction of your IT needs. Maria aided a client in the international mediation for software product development negotiations. Maria is also known for her keen business and policy expertise where she successfully develops and manages key projects for clients. As the founder of the consulting firm The Strollo Group, she and her team racked up successes ranging from securing capital and saving a company from six hostile takeover attempts, to fighting for lower taxes and pro-freedom initiatives while overhauling tort reform laws.

Influencing policy, acquiring capital and serving as an angel investor, allows Maria to pursue these passions and includes strategic planning, philanthropy and counseling organizations. Ms. Zack stated, “It is very gratifying to solve root societal problems and help families lift out of poverty and achieve success."

Maria and her husband, Steve, live in beautiful south Florida and remain active in their faith and philanthropic causes.

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