Vaccines & Government Corruption

It is very difficult for lots of people to trust their governments any more. That is because so much corruption is being exposed.

For instance, the governments told the people that they should get the Covid vaccine to prevent transmission of the disease. Then in 2022 Pfizer admitted that before the vaccine went to market, it had never been tested to see if it would prevent transmission of the disease.

OSHA used to keep a database of all people who had been seriously injured by the Covid vaccine. Then, in June 2022, the Biden administration forbade them from collecting that data anymore. The Biden administration did not want the public to know that lots of people were being seriously injured by the vaccine.

The DOD hid the fact that after the mandatory vaccine rollout, miscarriages among military personnel increased around 300% above the 5-year average. Cancer also increased around 300% and neurological disorders increased around 1000%.

47,465 American Medicare patients were dead within 14 days of having been vaccinated.

Those statistics represent government corruption at its worst.

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