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AustraliaOne Party - AustraliaOne Update. Interview with Dr Bryan Ardis and Riccardo Bosi

8 November
What is the connection between covid and venom?

Has the jab made you a venom producing machine?

Dr Ardis's presentation: aoneparty-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/sarahyoull_australiaoneparty_com/EcYQYKxrKm1HvdT_OQzbcKgBODEzKpC7E11tHgaYwcIuow?e=XKcfwG

Dr Ardis’s interview with Dr Jane Ruby: https://rumble.com/v1qe0hh-live-7pm-worldwide-exclusive-dr.-ardis-was-wrong.html

Dr Ardis’s website: thedrardisshow.com

The AustraliaOne Team

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