Garrett Ziegler - BIDEN LAPTOP MARCO POLO REPORT: Sex, Drugs and Two Stacks for the Big Guy

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This episode we welcome back a remarkable young man, Garrett Ziegler.
Garrett and his organisation, Marco Polo, has just published the most comprehensive report into Hunter Biden's laptop and with the midterms and a ‘red wave’ approaching, this is just what was needed.
It has taken Garrett and his team 13 months, and the final product is a document consisting of 634 pages with over 2000 footnotes referencing the entire ‘Laptop from Hell’.
Its findings are very disturbing for the Biden Crime Family and surely now the Department of Justice will want to investigate further.
Sex, drug and business crimes are shown in such detail that this can no longer be ignored, and action must now be taken.
Garrett shares with Hearts of Oak all the hard work that has gone into making this report a reality, it is now completed and publicly available for the Republicans to wield and carry out justice.

Garrett Ziegler is a former aide to Peter Navarro in Donald Trump’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and he was responsible for uploading 128,775 emails from Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop to a searchable database through his organization Marco Polo, of which he is a co-founder.
Marco Polo is a non-profit research group “exposing corruption and blackmail,” and has been conducting a forensic review combined with extra independent investigation into the laptop.
Among the thousands of emails in the publicly posted database is the infamous ’10 for the big guy’ message, in which Hunter’s business partner appeared to suggest Hunter should hold 10% of the equity in their multi-million-dollar deal with the Chinese on behalf of his father, President Joe Biden.
Garrett describes the infamous laptop as “a modern-day Rosetta Stone of white-collar crime.”

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Interview recorded 4.11.22

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