To Vote or Not To Vote

1 year ago

I ran into a post by Russell Blake and took the last three days to add some visuals to it (video above). My son narrated it because it seemed even more poignant from the mouth of babes. And it gave the two of us an opportunity to dissect words like ‘feudalism’ and ‘theist’ as part of his autonomous learning. His twin (who chose to try out an actual public elementary school this year) comes home to tell me that as part of his social studies class they watch the news. When I prodded to ask which station, he responded: “CNN or something like that.” We are indoctrinating our kids one way or another. Let’s hope we offer them a lens as wide as possible so instead of going to the polls where they need to choose between what they consider to be the lesser of two evils, we can show them the game is rigged so they figure out how it can be stopped from being played.

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