Red America First 11-02-22 meeting with Lucretia Hughes & Carmen Maria Montiel

10 months ago

Financial Professional Host of Real News with Lucretia Hughes Political Activist Public and Motivational Speaker

Lucretia C. Hughes received her Honors Graduate and Associate Degree in Business Management and Administration from ITT Technical College and is currently working as a Financial Professional. She is very active in her community, church, motivational and inspirational Speaker. She also is an advocate for her political affiliations. She was recently honored by Speak Up Georgia for her contributions to the upliftment and advancement of the Conservative Movement. She was also named to the Who’s Who Georgia Conservatives.
Lucretia is insurance licensed in Georgia and Virginia. An endorsement of Lucretia may not be representative of other's opinion or experience.

Born in Venezuela, Carmen became a Texan by choice, migrating to the United States 33 years ago. For more than 20 years, she helped develop and grow a family-owned medical practice in Houston where she started her family.

As a Venezuelan, Carmen was taught from childhood to place faith and family above all, and to cherish the God-given liberty and opportunity we enjoy as Americans. She has instilled these same values into her three children.
Sadly, Carmen witnessed first-hand that the country where she was born become squandered by left-wing political leaders who have dismantled society with corruption, communism, and liberalism. Once a regional economic power built on a culture of family values, Venezuela fell to the false promises of socialism. As a result of her experiences, she understands that the current direction of America could have terrible consequences for life as we know it. The extreme leftist policies currently enacted will leave our nation bankrupt and far from the values that differentiated America from other nations.
Carmen’s background and experience have uniquely prepared her to represent the people of TX CD-18, a majority Hispanic and Black American district that has never had a leader that represents the core values and best interests of the community. The Hispanic and Black American cultures emphasize faith and family, and Carmen will make these the centerpieces of our society again.
Like many young women of her generation, Carmen aspired to achieve and excel in life. After years of study and hard work, in 1984, she won the Miss Venezuela and Miss South America pageants and earned Second Runner-up for Miss Universe. In that position, Carmen served as a role model and ambassador to millions of people, especially young women, who aspire to realize their dreams through hard work, personal responsibility, and individual achievement.
This led Carmen to a career in journalism, including as a TV journalist and news anchorwoman in Houston’s Hispanic media market, where she had the opportunity to listen and to give these communities the voice they previously did not have. Her role as a journalist has also rendered her a platform to make the case for conservative values, including strong borders, robust public safety, and security and opportunity for all Americans. Carmen hosts a Spanish podcast on social media to discuss current affairs, and she regularly appears on Spanish language programs making the case for conservative policies.

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