President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele Unaired 2022 Tucker Carlson Footage

1 year ago

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele makes a strong statement about the world's economic system on 'Tucker Carlson Today' on Fox Nation.
*El Presidente Nayib Bukele fue entrevistado en Tucker Carlson Today*, en donde abordó importantes temas de país como *economía y los diferentes procesos que se llevan a cabo desde su Gobierno*, entre otros tópicos.
Nayib Bukele has transformed El Salvador from a violent country into one of the most innovative in all of Latin America.
Bukele is considered to be one of the most popular presidents in Salvadoran history, as his approval ratings generally hover around 90 percent. This interview is what speaking truth to power looks like in the most public and authentic of ways.

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