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Dennis Themba & Joanne Attenborough with SAVAERS - Conference 10th September 2022

Dennis Themba & Joanne Attenborough share their stories.

South Africa VAERS Conference: Vaccine Victims, Experts + Data — An Independent, Alternative Reporting System


SA VAERS, the South African Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System held its first public conference on Saturday 10 September 2022.
An independent and alternative voluntary reporting system, SA VAERS is supported by a host of African and global advisors and advocates. The objective of SA VAERS is to give victims a voice, enhance data transparency and strengthen accountability and chances at compensation.

Convened by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, CHD Africa acting executive director, the SA VAERS conference includes outspoken subject experts Dr EV Rapiti, Dr Herman Edeling, Dr Stefaan Oosthuizen, Dr Erika Drews, Dr Mare Olivier, Dr Shankara Chetty, Fahrie Hassan, Adv Sabelo Sibanda, Dr Zandre Botha, Dr Jessica Rose and James Roguski. The event also included the reading of an international declaration, which was launched on Saturday 10 September 2022, on the medical crisis due to the C19 shots.

This conference includes C19 shot victims, live and via video interviews, who shared their experiences of physical, cognitive and socio-economic harm. Data via reports submitted to SA VAERS was shared with the public, along with information on the censorship of victims by SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority), mainstream media, and social media. Treatment protocols for C19 shot injuries was also shared.

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