These Books Changed My Patients' Lives - Repost from @drsherrigreene

1 year ago

Repost from @drsherrigreene

Hello ! I Just felt inspired today to create a very short , spontaneous and very unrehearsed video clip of my passion as a doctor on the topic of these new Brain Saver books by @medicalmedium. There is so much to say on these books as well as the whole series of books and how they have changed my patients lives and my own as a practicing doctor for over 29years. I have been trained in conventional medicine and surgery as well as alternative and functional medicine. This information takes it all to a new level. As doctors we never ever should stop learning or be closed off to things that challenge our belief systems or ways of being. What makes us question , rethink or revisit set in stone beliefs helps us to grow the most. Do yourself a favor, or give yourself …body, mind, spirit and soul a gift of wellness today and grab a copy of the Brain Saver and Brain Saver protocol books.

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