Bud graft (chip budding) with dormant bud in September on the same cornus mas tree (P5)

1 year ago

Mid-September we have continued this year's grafts with sleeping bud on the cornus mas trees choosing a branch of recent growth for scion.

Bud grafting, or chip budding, is done in the summer, between July and September so that the bud reaches winter dormancy before it can grow.

The graft was done on shoot at a height of 1.50 meters, so we had no ergonomic difficulties, as in the previous ones that were done low. We cleaned the neighboring branches so that they do not interfere with the wrapping of tapes and aluminum foil.

The bud graft should heal in the following four weeks, but it is best to keep it wrapped up until the following spring.

This particular tree had a successful graft last year and this year were made on two shoots.
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Second grafting with dormant bud in September on the same cornus mas tree (P4):
Grafting with dormant bud in September on cornus mas trees (P2):
Selection of branch for grafting with dormant bud and cornus mas fruit size (P1):

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