The Divine Light & The wrong Path of Humanity ❤️ The Book of the true Life Teaching 15 / 366

1 year ago

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The Book of True Life Teaching 15 of 366

The Master teaches... The Divine Light in the Spirit & The wrong Path of Humanity

Divine Revelations - Mexico 1866 -1950

The Lord says:

1. On this dawn of commemoration I ask you: What have you done with the Law that I conveyed to mankind through Moses? By chance, were those commandments given only to the generations of that period?

2. Truly I say to you: That holy seed is not in the hearts of men, for they do not love Me nor do they love one another; they do not honor their parents nor respect what belongs to others and on the other hand, they do take each other's lives, they adulterate and cause disgrace upon themselves.

3. Do you not hear falsehood on the lips of everyone? Have you not realized how one people robs other people of their peace? And still mankind says it knows My Law. What would become of men if they forget My mandates completely?

4. Understand, that the Law is the path devised by the love of the Supreme Creator, to guide each one of His creatures. Meditate upon the life that surrounds you, composed of an infinite number of elements and organisms and you will end up discovering that each body and each being, proceed along a path or trajectory guided by a force apparently strange and mysterious. That force is the Law that God has decreed to each one of His creatures. On analyzing these teachings you will conclude by understanding that truly everything lives, moves and grows under a Supreme mandate; you will also discover that in the midst of that creation man comes forth, distinct from other creatures, because in him exist reason and free will. Within the spirit of man exists a Divine light that is his conscience, which illuminates his intelligence and inspires him toward a fulfillment of his duties. For if an irresistible force obligated him only to follow a straight course, his compliance would not have any merit; and he would feel humiliated on realizing himself incapable of acting on his own free will and that in spite of that, he would still be subject to a Law; but under those conditions in which your existence would evolve, who would be able to guide your thoughts toward righteousness? Only the Divine light of the conscience which inspires man to comply with the Law, a light which dwells within the spirit and through it manifests itself to the flesh.

5. Why did the spirit not follow the dictates of its conscience from the beginning? Because it had not evolved enough to understand and comply with the mandates which inspired it, and at the same time be able to dominate the impulses of the flesh. The freedom of will and the influence of the flesh, are the tests to which your spirit is subjected.

6. If mankind had listened to the dictates of its conscience from the beginning as Abel did, do you believe that it would have been necessary for your Father to materialize Himself from time to time to explain the Law and teach you the way of the evolution of the spirit? Truly I say that it would not. If you had been humble and obedient to My Law, all My revelations and teachings would have reached you through your conscience; but when I beheld this humanity enslaved in its passions that the world offered, deaf to My voice and blind to the spiritual light which illuminated its path, I had to materialize My Law in the First Era, inscribing it upon a rock and manifesting Myself through their physical senses, to overcome their materialism.

7. Once again mankind deviated from My mandates and I had to approach men to indoctrinate them. It was not enough that I had given you My Law in that material form, nor did it contain all that the Father would reveal to you; and thus, I sent Jesus so that you would listen to the Word of God. He spoke to your heart; that Master knew the pathways which lead to the most intimate part of the human being and with His words, with His deeds and His sacrifice upon the cross, He touched those insensitive fibers, awakening your lethargic feelings, knowing that without that preparation, the time would not come when man would hear within his own spirit the voice of His Lord, the One whom you have among you as was announced.

8. It is your God who speaks to you, My voice is the Law; today you are hearing it anew without the necessity of inscribing it upon a rock, or sending My Incarnate Word among you. It is My Divine voice that reaches your spirit and reveals to it the beginning of an era in which man will be justified, reconciled with His Creator and purified as it is written.

9. Do not misinterpret My words, saying that the Law of the First Era was the Law of the flesh and that of the Second, spoke only to your heart; because during each period I have touched the most sensitive and evolved part of your being to manifest Myself there and make My presence felt; My Law has always spoken to your spirit, for it is that which guides the flesh during its human existence.

10. When some of My disciples of the Second Era beheld the transfiguration of their Master on Mount Tabor, seeing that Moses appeared to His right and Elijah to His left, they fell upon the ground startled at the incomparable greatness which their eyes were beholding. I told them afterward to keep that secret and make it known when its time would come; for it was necessary that I depart from this world first, so that when these teachings were made known to you, you would understand that they spoke to you announcing the future.

11. O, if humanity of this period would comprehend the meaning of that transfiguration and understand that the testimony of My disciples was for men of this period, how great its progress would be! The chisel which engraved My commandments in stone on Mount Sinai, is the same that today writes the Divine thoughts within your heart; the blood of your Savior which was a lesson that spoke of love, resurrection, eternal life and supreme happiness, is the same which is flowing within the essence of this word; and the prophecy and power with which Elijah amazed men, are the same which are present within these manifestations that I am revealing to you during this period.

12. The struggle of My disciples of this Era to enable them to establish My Law on Earth, will be greater than ever; and in order for spirituality to reign in the world, from which originates all justice, all love and reason, all the people and nations of the world will first have to drink a very bitter cup.

13. It will be then when the golden calf is destroyed forever, when all useless sacrifices are abolished, when the spiritual benefits, will no longer be the object of profit, and which you will not exchange for earthly benefits. It will be when man has attained a complete evolution of his spirit and will learn to respect within himself the precious gifts with which the Father has endowed him since the beginning of his creation.

14. To help you reach that level of spirituality, is why I have come today to give you the vitality of My word, the fruit of good taste. I am the loving Father who comes to give you bread and shelter for your body and for the spirit the light which will guide you, so that from it you will impart to your brethren. My healing balsam will also be with you; some will receive it fully and in others, their pains will be lessened. Some will be cleansed of their own faults, but the others, with their example will help their fellowmen in their purification.

15. Do you want My strength? Comply with My mandates, love My Law for you are responsible for mankind. You are the indoctrinated ones and before you is the path that Elijah has come to prepare. Walk slowly, step along meekly.

16. You are the sons of light; do not allow temptation to lure you into its snare.

17. Imitate the apostles of the Second Era who spoke of the Father to the multitudes and these recognized their God and Lord through the deeds of His envoys. That is how I want to see you, it is about time that you devote yourselves completely to preach My truth.

18. Withdraw from the superfluous deeds of men and dominate the flesh. Do not allow it to dominate you. Thus, after this struggle, I will see you filled with joy and peace.

19. Struggle and work, o Israel, analyze and understand that with these teachings I am bestowing upon you white garments, so you may travel along the pathways of the world complying with your mission.

20. Great is the journey I have marked for the spirit for its preparation, restitution and fulfillment. When you succeed in communicating with Me spiritually, you will feel strong for the struggle, and you will learn to clear the way for yourselves along the road, mastering the obstacles that you may encounter upon it.

21. Do you wish to form part of My apostleship? Do you wish to be counted among My disciples? Persevere then in your study, allow your preparation to increase so that soon you may convey My word to your brethren.

22. The spirit of men has evolved, that is why his science has progressed; I have permitted him to learn and discover what he ignored yesterday, but he should not dedicate himself only to material tasks; I have granted him that light so that he may work for his peace and happiness in the spiritual existence which awaits him.

23. In the midst of this world formed of different creatures, man is the privileged being, to whom I have endowed a part of My Spirit and the right to communicate with Me, to carry Me within his being, so that by feeling Myself so intimately united with him, hope and faith in My Divinity will be born within his spirit.

24. The finality of the creation of this world is man, for his pleasure I have assigned other beings and the elements, to be of service to him for his preservation and recreation but if he would have loved and recognized Me since the first eras, since his spiritual infancy, today he would form a part of a world of great spirits, where ignorance would not exist nor would there be any differences, where all of you would be equal in knowledge and in the elevation of your feelings; but how slowly man has evolved! How many centuries have passed since he has been living on Earth and still he has not comprehended his spiritual mission and his true destiny! He has been unable to discover within himself his spirit who never dies because it has eternal life; he has not known how to live in harmony with it nor recognized its rights, and the latter, deprived of its freedom, has not fully developed its gifts, therefore it finds itself at a standstill.

25. Today, before the happenings which man himself has provoked, before the conflict and overflowing of all passions of materialism, he finds himself confused because he does not know nor is he able to contain wickedness and then he surprisingly wonders the reason for that outcome; for man has deviated from the path of his spiritual evolution and he hastens toward his abyss, without there being a human power able to contain that force.

26. This world, so lovingly created as a temporary dwelling place for My children, has been converted into a valley of anguish, heartache and death; only the practice of love and virtue will save it; for that reason, I am gathering all the dispersed tribes of Israel to prepare its spirit and send it into the struggle, until salvation and spirituality of the human race has been attained.

27. Everyone who has approached Me and heard My word, belongs to that ancient and abundant people, and since I am revealing these lessons, you will realize that your virtues have remained inactive and that during this period they will reappear again, filled with the strength which love offers. Your destiny has been determined since the beginning of time, so that you will be those who will watch over humanity and communicate to it the messages which I have revealed to you from time to time.

28. The moment will come in which all humanity will be composed of My disciples, and in which you will easily understand and analyze My word; the arrogant will descend from their pedestals to be with Me, and the wise will recognize Me as their Master.

29. I want to see all of you on the path of spirituality, acquiring strength and temper through your trials so that as you are ascending, I may reveal to you a world of wisdom contained in the book which I have come to manifest to you.

30. If you are to become teachers of mankind, you should prepare yourselves. Remove from yourself all signs of idolatry and teach a spiritual worship, respectful and sincere, based only on love.

31. My word, even when your memory is not reliable, is in your conscience, where it will never be erased. Your spirit will speak and it will be a fountain of wisdom, which on overflowing, will spread the light among your brethren, along your path of evolution.

32. Rejoice with My presence for I will also rejoice giving you My teaching. Study in the book and know the explanation of all that you have not understood. Perceive the essence of the lesson which I have come to reveal to you. If you prepare yourselves, you will be the light within the darkness which today envelops mankind.

33. You will always have me awaiting your spiritual communion. He who purifies and elevates himself to Me, will feel pledged to Me and I will guide his steps along the right path.

34. Many ask themselves why I have returned to Earth, since I had already indoctrinated you with My word during the Second Era; but you have forgotten My Law and I have found you shipwrecked in a sea of ignorance. I have struggled to guide you along a path of peace and truth; I offer you support that you can lean on for you are tired of wandering without a guide and that is why I have come to help you.

35. I am gathering My new apostles who will not be twelve but one hundred and forty four thousand, and each one of them should manifest My Doctrine, all will speak and they will be like heralds who will reveal the good news, that the Master has returned to men as the Holy Spirit.

36. Since 1866, I seek the new disciples among mankind and I prepare them so that they will carry My mandates with humility and be forerunners of new apostles who will come to Me.

37. The day will come when humanity has news about the people of God, and they will seek you to ask for light, and others to combat your knowledge with their concepts. I do not wish that, feeling poor and humble, you allow yourselves to be surprised by those who speak with an eloquent tongue and submit to you theories, which will reveal only confusion or very little light. You who are acquainted with the truth of this word, because you know that it is My revelation as the Holy Spirit, should not allow yourselves to be confused.

38. Neither do I want you to conceal yourselves because of fear, but to confront those who solicit your help; you will have words of love for everyone which will awaken and affect them and make them feel My presence. Thus you will be recognized.

39. Near you is Elijah, fulfilling the great mission which I have entrusted to him, which is that of inspiring you in your regeneration, so that you arise in search of peace, regeneration and spiritual perfection.

40. Soon you will rest from your work; this great Work is being carried out with the help of many spirits, to each of whom I have assigned a specific mission.

41. You who follow Me are My armies and I am your Father who is pledged to give salvation to His children; I go before you to guide you. Do you wish to follow me? Your heart says yes to Me, and I acknowledge your desire. Observe that I do not demand more than you are able to endure with your faculties if you know how to use them and if you truthfully love Me.

42. The spiritual Law is set before the Law of humanity, therefore, you should first render Me your tribute before that of the world. Behold Nature with its fields and mountains, its oceans, forests and deserts, all of it is paying its respects at every moment to the Creator who has given it life and sustenance. Everything offers its tribute by giving testimony of Me. Why do you not offer Me a dignified worship? Why do you ask for My presence, and then doubt Me?

43. Prepare yourselves so you can analyze your spiritual nature and understand My word. Penetrate into My teaching, investigate, for I permit it, interrogate Me, but come to Me; surrender yourselves to Me with that confidence that you have when you are children and you follow your parents everywhere, in that way love and confide in your Heavenly Father.

44. I do not want you to shed tears, nor make Me suffer. You have wept greatly and wandered in the wilderness. Do not leave your children that seed of suffering that you have carried. Allow those beings to come and behold a life of rectitude, of work and compliance with My Law, so they can see the flourishing of peace and well-being.

45. Why are you surprised, o My people, of the miracle that I have come to manifest to you during this time, of communicating Myself through the faculty of man? I performed greater deeds during past eras, and you believed them.

46. I know that the cause of your surprise is due to your deviation from the spiritual teachings, because for a long time you have only believed in what you see, in what you touch and in what you prove by means of your science.

47. In the First Era, when Israel read the Scriptures, meditated on the Law and prayed for the coming of the promised Messiah, their life was filled with spiritual signs and manifestations. Their heart was sensitive to the messages which the Lord sent them and they believed in everything, because they had faith.

48. But do not believe that all the sons of that people were able to receive the Divine messages, no; the miserly and wealthy felt nothing, they could not see, nor hear; in the same way, the priests, who in spite of having the book of the prophesies opened before their eyes, also could not perceive the spiritual life within men, because they were blind and conceited in the position they occupied; they could not listen to the calls of the Father who was already near.

49. Who then were those in Judea who, during the night, prayed, who were watchful and received within their hearts the light that kindles the faith? Who were those who had prophetic dreams and were able to foresee with their heart and give the Scriptures their spiritual interpretation? They were the humble, the poor, the slaves, the sick, those who hungered for enlightenment, those who thirst for justice, those in need of love.

50. It was those people of the nation, men and women of simple hearts, who, for centuries, had awaited their Savior.

51. On the night that Jesus was born to this life, it was the hearts of those humble shepherds of Bethlehem who were startled before the spiritual emissary of the Lord, who made known to them that their Savior whom they had awaited for such a long time had already arrived.

52. On that solemn moment the rich, the noble and the powerful slumbered.

53. Also during this period, when My Ray of light descended upon men to reveal to them My message for the first time, the influential, the noble, the rich, the wise and the theologians slept profoundly.

54. How very few awaited Me and how few believed in My presence!

55. However, those who approached Me were men and women of simple heart and humble understanding, the ones who are ridiculed by the unbelievers because they believe in supernatural manifestations and speak of strange teachings.

56. Do not misjudge those who fall into error because of their lack of preparation, for at least they keep an intuition of the spiritual, which is proof of a hidden desire for communicating with their Father, of approaching the world of light, of receiving from Him a word of love.

57. Those poor people who have not been dazzled by the false brilliance of the world, are the ones who have intuition, who have presentiment, who have dreams, those who give testimonies of the spiritual and I have searched for them to open before their eyes the book of wisdom, thus satisfying their desire for knowledge and truth.

58. I have made them feel My presence and also the nearness of the spiritual realm as a reward to their hope and their faith.

59. I have also spoken to them about their gifts, their mission and the importance of My Doctrine, so that they may withdraw from their hearts all that does not pertain to this Work, so that their testimony, pure and filled with light, will reach the hearts of their fellowmen.

60. Arise, o Israel, and scale the spiritual mountain, for today I am your Cyrenian. During this period, everyone will help Me with the cross, which I still carry upon My back, because of My love for mankind.

My Peace be with you!

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