Trevor Loudon Reveals Which Senators Up for Reelection Next Week Are Compromised by the CCP

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There was a time not too long ago when we would judge who deserved our votes based on their qualifications, experience, ideology, and perceived level of integrity. That may actually still be the case in local elections, but for the vast majority of those running for office in Washington DC, the biggest question we need to ask is whether they're actually going to be working for us or if they're working on behalf of outside forces, most notably the Chinese Communist Party.

Conservative pundit Trevor Loudon joins me today to discuss his new books that expose 30 Senators who ARE beholden to the CCP. Some of them are currently running for reelection, so the timing of the book and this interview couldn't be better. I should be able to get him to reveal which Senators on the ballot next week are compromised.

You can order his book, which comes out tomorrow, on his website:

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