LIVE: Genetic Engineering Bioweapon EXPOSED; Snake Venom FOUND In COVID Patients

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Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea is part of an international collaborative research group investigating possible nanotechnology inside the Covid-19 shots. She’s also an internal medicine physician with 20 years of experience.

Until yesterday, Hugh McKean was the minority leader of the Colorado House of Representatives. Now, he’s dead at the age of just 55. According to health officials, McKean “died suddenly” of a heart attack. Now, news reports aren’t saying whether McKean was vaccinated, but as a Colorado lawmaker he actually received early access to the vaccine in early 2021.

It is Jane’s belief that these toxins indicate that, once an infected person’s body is exposed to these toxins, they start manufacturing the toxins and enzymes within their own body, as a kind of “self-assembling nanotech.”

Imagine you’re a person trying to serve in the military today. Maybe you’re from a family that has served for generations. Maybe you felt called to serve the country you loved. Maybe you wanted to protect this country from terrorists and other enemies.
But now, you’re told that your ancestors were evil, and the military you loved so much is filled with poison from top to bottom. You might be told that your own values are incorrect, and not in line with the military’s present “priorities.”
And this military that hates you and your family and your ancestors and your religion and your values might order you to go fight in a war that doesn’t even protect this country.

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