The Bright Side with Ben Fuchs October 30,2022 Commercial free

1 year ago

Sunday, October 30th

Former Chair and CEO of Anthem Healthcare (with a current market value of more than $100 billion), Ben Lytle, is a self-made serial entrepreneur CEO known for being ahead of the curve. He’s severed on presidential healthcare commissions. Every year, Ben takes time to step back, evaluate and do a self-assessment - during that period a few years ago, he realized, that the next 30 years will include a seismic shift – a rapid change in technology, jobs, and society- the greatest generation of change since World War II. Ben began what he thought would be a one-time white paper with his family in mind on how to take on the changes rapidly heading our way - but that turned into much more than that – it became his book - This Fall, Ben Lytle releases THE POTENTIALIST: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years. It’s a Future Shock for the 21st century, explaining how every one of us can thrive during these rapid changes by becoming a Potentialist.

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