Monkey Nonchalantly Saunters Across 4 Tourists' Laps In Indonesia

1 year ago

This monkey lives in a wonderful sanctuary known as the Monkey Forest in Ubud, on the Island of Bali in Indonesia. He's a brazen fellow who has become accustomed to the tourists here. The monkeys here are comfortable with tourists too and they enjoy a very good life. They are provided with food supplementation and veterinary care when needed. They have learned that the guides will give them a treat if they tug gently on the pants or shirts and then sit patiently.

But this cheeky monkey is so comfortable that he casually walks across the laps of four seated tourists to get to the other side of the wall on which they are seated.

The monkeys here will approach and move among the guests, delighting tourists and residents as they do so. You can tell by the reactions of these visitors that they are not sure exactly what to expect when this happens. They are charmed by the bold and saucy interaction and they laugh and joke at the monkey's nonchalance.

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