DANNY SULLIVAN - Plastic Brain

1 year ago

"Plastic Brain" is an energetic indie pop song by musician Danny Sullivan. At 118 BPM, it features electric, acoustic, and bass guitars 🎸 as well as rhythmic percussion, electronic drums 🥁 , and vocals 🎤.

I wrote this song to highlight the journey we take in life. We were put on this planet for some mysterious reason, and I believe it's our aim to get closer to understanding that reason. Through coming together with others and collectively expanding our minds we get a more accurate picture than if we were to go it alone. Our blind spots and prejudices are alleviated by mixing with a wider variety of people and ideas. In many ways, humans are a hivemind. This is not to downplay the role of individual change. Drastic change can only occur at the individual level. And that's where you have control. Grow, confront your ego, and do your best.

From the stars to where we are
Livin' our life
Plot the course to find the source
Within our mind

And what they told ya
Will mold ya
If you fold up
We will hold ya

Where we go, few will know
What our aim is
Do follow but do no grow
What a shame it is
Face your head, do your best
Only you know
Trek ahead or back instead
Only you go

Past it, change
Or casket, stay the same
So ask it, aim
Your plastic brain

Easy to fake, hard to take
Built for one time
Give us a name, we're all the same
Waiting to combine

And what they told ya
Will mold ya
If you fold up
We will hold ya
When you're older
You can shoulder
Your beholder
You will know

👉 Danny's Website: https://www.dannysullivanmusic.com/

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