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Oct 29, 2022.
And We Know

Welcome to the demonic psychopathic Liberal Hivemind (so who exactly are really the extremists?) Marcum
- Slaughtering children
- Grooming children
- Indoctrinating children
- Raping children
- CDC stands for “Child Death Cult” nationwide child sacrifice ritual disguised as “immunization”
- Arming Nazi military forces in Ukraine
- Bioterrorism
- Forced medical experimentation
- Orwellian censorship
- Brainwashing and propaganda
- Racism against white culture
- Sexism against men
- War on Heterosexuality (Normality)
- Abolishing the Right to defend yourself
- Abolishing local and state police
- Open borders to access undocumented children (Adrenochrome)
- Election fraud
- Higher taxes
- More government
- Less freedom
- Project the hate of themselves and evil agenda onto opponents
- Woke corporate baby killing assistance programs
- SB 871 – would require all children 0-17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine to attend childcare or school without FDA approval. That bill also takes away any personal or religious belief exemptions,
- SB 866 – would allow kids 12-17 to get COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent,
- SB 1464 – would allow law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders,
- AB 2098 – would reclassify the sharing of COVID-19 “misinformation” by doctors and surgeons as unprofessional conduct that would result in disciplinary actions
- All five US military branches facing dishonorable discharge for refusing to take the experimental vaccine
- The tyrannical Trudeau government (those assimilated into the cabal) to remove all our freedoms so that Trudeau is free to follow through with the Global Reset.
- Guy Brummel (also known as Agent Margaritaville) has been locked up in PRISON because he has a list of PEDOS living in CANADA AND the USA, who occupy KEY positions of power.
- Klaus Schwab predicted the erasure of 4 billion “useless eaters” by 2050.
- These criminals are all demonic psychopathic pedophiles and they want to mandate us so they can be free to continue their crimes in systematic secret!
- Includes (RINOs) ‘In Name Only’ hivemind infiltrators. (Francis???)
- They are afraid of us and panicking. What are the penalties for treason and crimes against humanity?
- Pope Francis is on board with all these Biden/Pelosi/Trudeau liberal policies that he pronounces are “good Catholics”. BTW – get VAXXED with the death jab!
- This weird wacko pseudo - medical cult religion is after our children! Their crazy pseudo-science allows them not to wear masks in their delusional minds, but mandates us for genocide jabs and harmful masking in contrary to actual scientific evidence. These elite scum are the ones who are crazy and devoid of humanity. Let's pray, especially for the children! Marcum)

(Note: Notice all worldwide Liberal wacko policies and forced mandates seem to come from a controlled demonic hive-mind, watch this video below for clues) "Let the tuning commence"
Secret Recording from the Capital Hill Dems Committee SCIF meetings

(This evil hive-mind agenda can only be explained by a hidden invading demonic/alien takeover that want control over your God-given soul.)

(Note: It is become clearer that most of the installed elite have been (pre-planned) through bloodline or bio-engineered to be both male and female in the image of the Baphomet so that they can be possessed by these controlling evil entities or through a godless satanic culture that coerces/seduces normal humans into blending or changing their genders so that demons can partly control or fully possess them. Everything becomes inverted or good becomes evil and evil is now good. Once separated from source or God (they have no soul), Adrenochrome becomes one of their life sources or means to keep young or keeping a clone going. Goal to destroy the family unit and invert everything that is good, drawing our energy for their soulless existence. Once you know this secret it explains everything and those affected stand out like a sore thumb. Would it be inconceivable to suggest that when both the current pope and Vatican support the Great Reset, Pfizer, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum that possibly the past Vatican conclave, Cardinals and the pope himself have been penetrated by these demonic psychopathic entities as well? Most celebrities if not all are secretly transgendered because they pay allegiance to their false deity Baphomet who is an androgyny. Take it or leave it, but where is the better explanation? Thank God for Q Intel, the leaked Podesta Emails and WikiLeak dumps. Time to wake up! Marcum)

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