The Fringe Majority - A Crucial Legal Battle

1 year ago

The Fringe Majority are joined by guests Adam Skelly, Chris Weisdorf, Sharon Peters and John Azzopardi who will update us on the Adamson BBQ legal battle and why it is vital that we support it.

Adam Skelly was the first business owner to take a stand for the people against the Government Overreach during the Covid-19 Narrative. Again, with the help of Concerned Constituents of Canada, Skelly is taking a stand and challenging the Reopening Ontario Act at the Superior Court of Ontario. The Government is doing everything they can to keep 6 key expert witness testimonies, including the infamous Dr Byram Bridle from ever seeing the inside a court room. Why? Because this evidence has the ability to negatively affect the Covid-19 narrative and begin the ultimate chain reaction of knocking down and ending the oppressive rule of our Global Dictators! Find out what ignited the fight for freedom and how you can help burn the narrative down once and for all. Let’s put an end to all the lies!

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