Red America First 9-28-22 meeting with Ohio Brett

1 year ago

Ohio Brett.
Encouraging Speaker Sharing Lessons Learned from the Sports World

Life can be confusing and difficult for us all, especially our youth. Often all that is needed is a coach to guide, a teammate to relate, and a voice to show there is a pathway to help and hope for the future. Ohio Brett is that voice! Since 2004, Ohio Brett has been delivering powerful speaking programs that positively impact High Schools, Colleges, Companies, Churches, Veterans and entire communities, many times bringing friends who are fellow speakers from the sports world. We're proud to showcase just a few of the schools we've visited below:

Focus on character development and encouraging good decision making.

To challenge, encourage and inspire each audience & pave the way for positive transformational change.

It is your life…your VISION. Follow your PASSION. Be POSITIVE. Never stop moving towards your vision becoming a REALITY. Don’t ever give up!

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