The Mission to bless & The Spiritual Gifts in Man ❤️ Book of the true Life Teaching 14 / 366

1 year ago

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The Book of True Life Teaching 14 of 366

The Master teaches... The Mission to Bless & The Spiritual Goods in Man

Divine Revelations - Mexico 1866 -1950

The Lord says:

1. You have come to seek enlightenment and I am providing it, because you have faith and you expect it from Me. He who seeks Me will find Me; he who hopes in Me will receive.

2. It would be easier for the sun king to hold back its light than for Me to reject any of My children who seek Me.

3. I have come to help you correct your errors, because I do not want you to prolong your confusion.

4. The time designated by Me to deliver this teaching to you is ending, and it is necessary that you prepare yourselves, because in the communication of spirit to Spirit which you should attain after 1950, you will find greater wisdom in My teachings.

5. The irreverent will be converted into beginners, the beginners into disciples and the disciples into teachers, in living examples of good deeds among mankind.

6. Do not feel small when I name you beginners, for before the wisdom of the Lord, it already means a great deal to be a beginner.

7. I have many disciples and beginners, not only here among you, but scattered among mankind, in sects and religions, since everyone according to their evolution occupies the different steps which form the infinite ladder of spirituality.

8. But you should also know that not only in this world do I have disciples; remember that I have said: "In the house of the Father there is an infinite number of mansions"; There exist great multitudes of My children who live in order to learn from Me.

9. Be it known that in that Kingdom is where My lessons are better understood, therefore, there is more progress.

10. There is the place of arrival for those who departed from this world suffering because of bitterness and disappointments; those who thirst for truth, for knowledge, those who hunger for love, and those who have been humiliated.

11. The Master waits for them there to give them greater teachings than those which mankind denied them.

12. Then, those who were neglected and destitute on Earth, will glow with a true light, and to their surprise, they will behold how those who glowed with a false light in this world, in the hereafter lament their spiritual misery.

13. In those mansions of peace where you will dwell is where those who wept and blessed Me on Earth, have received the most pleasant surprises, a reward they did not expect when they drank their cup of bitterness.

14. It is unimportant that they had moments of desperation and of doubt; I will forgive those instances of weakness, because they also had great days of grief in which they showed resignation, and they blessed Me.

15. Those children of mine also endured their Calvary, and they suffered greatly along their road of restitution; and those who comply with My Law, although they only live a few moments within the right path, will attain happiness and spiritual satisfaction in the eternal life.

16. Thus My eternal love responds to the momentary love of men.

17. Blessed are those who after falling and arising, weeping and blessing Me, hurt by the wickedness of their brethren, confide in Me and offer Me the sanctuary of their heart.

18. Those small and sorrowful ones, ridiculed but meek, are apparently weak, but in reality they are strong in spirit, and to them are reserved greater revelations as soon as they find themselves beyond this world.

19. During the Second Era, in order to be My disciple it was indispensable to possess not only great spiritual fortitude, but also physical, because it was necessary to bear the cruelty of men, the torments and ordeals to which, in their rudeness and ignorance, they submitted those who preached something unknown to them in the world.

20. Today you do not need a great physical strength; the Divine plan is something else, but you will still keep on being My collaborators, to spread My Doctrine among mankind.

21. During this period you will struggle against the ignorance of a humanity, which although materialized in all its phases, is less cruel and more evolved through the experience it has reached in its previous incarnations.

22. Today, if you know of someone who does not think or practices his worship as the majority does, although you might be surprised and scandalized, you no longer clamor for him to be burned alive.

23. Now, when you come across someone who is ill and possessed, you do not flee from him, shouting that he is filled with demons.

24. Many already understand that such beings do not exist and that they are only confused spirits who only need a bit of light in order to become meek lambs.

25. You are beginning to realize that the being whom you call Devil or Satan is nothing more than the weakness of the flesh, an inclination of lowly passions, a thirst for pleasures and impulses of the flesh, self-admiration, vanity and all that by which the flesh tempts the spirit.

26. You still perform and conceive many improper deeds; but rejoice because you are progressing in your evolution, although some will assume differently allowing yourselves to be guided by your imperfect judgments.

27. The fact is that you still have not been able to understand the visible and invisible creation which surrounds you and for that reason you are wrong in your interpretations.

28. But according to your spiritual evolution and because of your need to analyze My revelations better, I send My envoys to guide you, and according to how I find your mental preparation, thus I speak to you about My wisdom, in order to guide you toward perfection.

29. Also in perfect relation with what you are, My justice tests you always respecting the freedom of will which the love of your Father granted you.

30. Everyone has a feeling or an intuition of the existence of the Supreme Being, and that intuition is the light which your spirit has been conquering along the extensive journey of its spiritual evolution.

31. A new sun is reaching your spirit to illuminate you, a new book which teaches you what you greatly longed for and awaited.

32. Do you not feel, O My people, that humanity can no longer endure lies, myths and so much false light? It is no longer the time to nourish the spirit with erroneous interpretations which have been attributed to My Law.

33. You are preparing yourselves to receive greater knowledge, and although for centuries you have been divided into sects, philosophies and religions, very soon you will have to gather around My new revelation, whose wealth of knowledge will enable you to understand that finally you have found the book of the true life, that of the spirit.

34. You have a great need for My word; you are dying of spiritual thirst for lack of that dew which originates from My perfect love. You need freshness in your spirit, and for that reason, I go near to offer you the fruit from the tree of life.

35. I have come to point out your faults with gentleness and you should also point out the errors of others, with the same love and charity, so that everyone, by knowing their imperfections will correct them; however, I will never pronounce a word that will induce you to judge the deeds of your fellowmen or to ridicule their beliefs or practices.

36. By chance, do you know what errors you have gone through attempting to render Me worship? Who remembers the past of his spirit?

37. If I tell you that you have worshiped beasts, the stars and that you have created with your imagination gods with human attributes; that you have knelt to worship wild animals, birds and reptiles, it will seem strange to many. But I know your spiritual evolution and for that reason I say that you must be understanding, respectful and charitable with your fellowmen, with those who find themselves in a lower level than yours; thus you will truly demonstrate your spirituality.

38. Only I have the power to point out the faults of mankind, errors which I correct with My wisdom and forgive with My love.

39. Mankind is a slave of sects and absurd cults, vices and profanations; for that reason, you regard one another as enemies, because you are intolerant with your fellowmen.

40. I say to you again that no man has the power to undervalue or ridicule the spiritual beliefs of their brethren.

41. You are My sheep who are temporarily lost and I have not come to bring you death, but to save you; to teach you and to unite you. I have come, as in days gone by, to tell you to love one another; that beyond this existence you have another superior life, for in the house of the Father there is an infinite number of mansions.

42. If men would feel a true love toward their brethren, they would not have to suffer the chaos in which they find themselves, everything around them would be harmonious and peaceful; but they do not understand that Divine love and they only want the truth which reaches the mind, not the one which reaches the heart, and there they have the result of their materialism: a humanity that is egotistical, false and filled with bitterness.

43. During this time religions and sects find themselves confused, but you should be informed that they have an elevated origin, and that upon their errors there are still traces of purity and light which My illuminated ones left in them.

44. If you have used some of your sciences to analyze and judge Me, does it not seem more reasonable that you should use them to analyze yourselves, until you know your essence and destroy your materialism? By chance, do you believe that your Father cannot help you along the path of your good science? Truly I say that if you were able to feel the essence of the Divine love, knowledge would easily reach your understanding without tiring your mind or exhausting yourselves with the study of subjects which you think are profound and which are truly within your capability.

45. But if your sciences, observations and studies would lead you toward love; if the purpose of that desire to learn, would be to render a tribute to the Father, serving your fellowmen with greater perfection each time, the humble, the weak and the needy, I would say nothing; but when I see that through your sciences you belittle and minimize your own God, by limiting and attributing errors to Him and giving Him forms that He does not possess; when I see that at the same time you make graven images and consecrate and sanctify imperfect men, I say to you that you have neither perceived the truth that you should possess nor are you authorized to confer holy or Divine hierarchies upon anyone; that corresponds only to your God and Lord.

46. You cannot represent or define the infinite, because you will not be able to perceive it with your limited mind, neither can your language express what is Divine or define what is undefinable in human terms.

47. Do not attempt to contain God in words or allegories which will never give you an idea of the truth.

48. Say "God" with humility, but say it in a deeply felt manner and if you wish to have an idea of the great love of the Lord for you, think of Jesus.

49. With allegories, images, symbols or poor definitions of God, you will only succeed in having your brethren deny Me or be small in spirit.

50. In order to manifest the Divine, your languages are limited; for that reason in all eras I have had to speak to you through parables, through metaphors, but as you can see, even by speaking to you thus, you have understood Me very little, because you have lacked the necessary will to analyze My manifestations.

51. You are always quarreling over the meaning of your words, and as you create more words, you confuse your spirit more. O! Men of many words, many idioms and many beliefs, but of very few deeds of love!

52. Notice the birds who in the four corners of the Earth sing with uniformity and simplicity.

53. I can tell you that all creatures know and understand each other better than men. Why? Because they all live within the path which I have devised for them, while you, when you are not trespassing the fields which do not belong to you, you withdraw from your true pathways, which are of the spirit; and once lost in materialism, you do not understand the spiritual, the Divine and the eternal.

54. But you have Me here, O humanity, I have come to teach you how you can harmonize with the spiritual life, even within your material condition, transforming your imperfect steps on Earth into a journey of true progress, that will give you elevated and noble satisfactions in this world; and further on, when you leave your human existence, you will find an endless harvest of beautiful surprises for your spirit.

55. Imitate Jesus. How? By loving your fellowmen as you would your own son, your own mother, your brother, as you would yourselves.

56. During all times you have had guides who have taught you the power of love. They have been your most advanced brethren, with a greater understanding of My Law and a greater purity in their deeds. They have come to give you an example of strength, love and humility, by exchanging their life of errors and sins for an existence dedicated to righteousness, sacrifice and charity.

57. From infancy to old age, you have clear examples of all that can be accomplished by love and the pains which can originate by the lack of charity; but you, more insensible than the rocks, have not been able to learn the teachings and examples that your daily living offers.

58. Have you sometimes observed how even the wild animals gently respond to a call of love? Well, in the same manner, the elements can respond, the forces of Nature and all that exists within the material and spiritual world.

59. That is why I say to you that you should bless everything with love in the name of the Father and Creator of the Universe.

60. To bless means to saturate. To bless is to feel righteousness, to say it and to deliver it. To bless is to impregnate all that surrounds you with thoughts of love.

61. Do it thus and I will glorify you after you have reached the end, after you have found within yourselves the Divine essence, the reason for your existence and the gifts with which I have invested you; the struggle, your merits and your unification in My Law will enable you to form only one will, only one spirit with My Divinity.

62. My light comes to meet you to help you ascend, because I am the Master of all times. I have not come only during one era, but I have eternally shown you the Book and I have asked you to know yourselves spiritually, so you may know what your gifts are and lead an exemplary life in which your health, fortitude and hope will glow, thus you will exalt your spirit and prepare yourselves for the eternal life.

63. When man has spiritual strength, it means that his spirit has been able to vivify itself in virtue.

64. Some of you approach Me in search of comfort, seeking a solution to a problem or an answer to a question, after you have consulted the wise or have asked the stars; the fact is that you have lacked faith and you do not have the strength and confidence of one who truly believes; and truly I say to you that above all knowledge of the future there is My Divine will. He who loves, he who believes, is in unity with me because I am Love, Reason and Justice.

65. Do not forget that you are My children, and if you know how to live in harmony with Me, it will not be necessary to question your brethren nor consult books or the stars, because I speak to your spirit through your conscience and if you listen to it you will be guided wisely, and you will be able to love complying with My will.

66. Awake before that voice, know your faculties and put them into the service of righteousness; receive this message that I send to you, so it will be the guide for your footsteps, for I expect you to conclude your work on Earth, so that I may give you more important missions, among which will be to convert you into protectors of mankind.

67. Feel that you are spirits, and do not be tied to the flesh, do not complicate your life. Do not have a worship or adoration for something that is not the love of your Father and also your fellowmen. The true life resides in the spirit, not in the flesh, since the latter lives for a time and disappears, while the other lives forever.

68. Of what use will your earthly treasures be if you are not able to attain those of the spirit? What will you be in the spiritual realm, other than poor spirits who were not able to work for their peace and happiness, in order to enjoy them in the eternal life?

69. Everyone possesses a heritage upon being sent to Earth, but you ignore its value, you are unable to discover it within your spirit and you seek it outside of you and I have come to tell you to meditate on these teachings. If you seek wisdom, you have it in you. If you seek power, it is within you: in your health, in your spiritual fortitude and in your talent. If you pursue beauty, I have also given it to you; you only need to know yourselves and you will find what you long for. If you need to know other regions, transport yourselves spiritually and you will find other mansions where the spirit lives with greater perfection.

70. Your destiny is to ascend and be possessors of what is Mine, for you are My very beloved children.

71. Be pure spirits again. My teaching will guide you to them, toward a perfect state: Truly I say to you that when you return to it, you will not find pain again, because you will have penetrated the house of the Lord.

72. I have come to help you in your liberation. My light will help you to come out ahead in your setbacks. And from now on do not cause harm to anyone, so you will not cause harm to yourselves.

73. Receive My strength, all My elements are at your service, you have everything within your reach. Live to love and forgive just as I love and forgive you.

74. Love everything, bless everything, then I will teach you how you can be My disciple on Earth and be a spirit of light in the hereafter, where you will arrive with true peace to occupy the place that your Father has destined for you. If you do thus, you will not need to reincarnate in this world where you suffer, because you will understand that this hardship cannot be eternal for your spirit; then you will ascend to other mansions, and you will joyfully fulfill the missions which are yours in eternity.

"My Peace be with you!"

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