Yet Another Tory Leader - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 20 Oct 2022

1 year ago

The #uk is collapsing, the #conservative #pm has resigned, the country is in #chaos and so the Tory MPs are trying to pick a new leader again.

Will they do any better this time?

What is happening?

Adam comes back off holiday a bit early with a prematurely-released new show-format to do a five minute #tarot reading on fuck me yet another new #tory #leadership #election.

### SignificatorA - 14 Of Cups, King

Our first candidate is the King of Cups,
a calm and communicative man, he's
portrayed as generous and knowledgeable
and _reasonable_.

He's the competent choice, intellectual and
trustworthy_, _thoughtful and mild

So I guess that's Sunak?

### SignificatorB - 10 Of Trumps, Fortune

Candidate B is _fortune_, a wild roll of the dice,
the crazy candidate that might be an
apocalyptic abyss_ or might be inevitable
destiny_, our _fate as a country.

A reincarnation of a prior _demise_, the
wheel of fortune rolling on.

That has to be Boris.

### SignificatorC - 12 Of Trumps, Hangedman

Candidate C is the Hanged Man. A unwilling and
uncomprehending capitulation to crisis
who was ceded power only after the _denouncement_.

He's the stooge put up so the guilty could escape

So that'll be Jeremy Hunt then.

### IssuesA - 9 Of Pentacles, Gain

What is the trouble with Sunak?

His life has been comfortable and _blessed_, he is
a billionaire with a bountiful future whatever happens.
He will be content and cushioned and his earnings
durability is assured.

So ther is a guarantee of happiness and
laughter and perks but probably not for everyone.

Only for him. Only the capital.

### IssuesB - 21 Of Trumps, Universe

The trouble with Bojo is that he promises the universe
and achieves little. His promises the earth_, the _moon
the galaxy_, he promises _potential but in fact never delivers
anything but circular lies.

### IssuesC - 11 Of Cups, Page

The trouble with Hunt is that while he's
articulate and boyish and _calming_,
it's all _aesthetic_.

He is only in place because he is opportunistic and
a _team-worker_.

In the end is he just a page.

Not a king. Not a chancellor.
Not even really a health minister.

Just a calming and eager _idealist_,
too nuanced to be appealing.

### Result - 12 Of Cups, Knight

So the result?

We are looking for an artist who is also a _bard_, and
a calm_, _charming and comforting _dreamer_.

A rationalist and _realist_,
a selfless soothing thinker
who is tolerant and _whimsical_.

It doesn't really sound like any of them.
Just as equally wrong for them all.

Could it be Starmer?

He is an actual Knight,

Which is still a thing, in this day and age,
in a grown up country apparently.

Could the cards be suggesting that
the UK will soon have Starmer as it's leader?

If you think that'll be any better.

### Summary

Sunak is a rich man out of touch whose
life of riches has not equipped him to
understand real life.

Bojo is an outside shot, a roll of the dice,
trying to be leader of a conservative party.
He promises the universe, but he lies.

Hunt is only there by mistake, a sacrificial lamb,
he's just massively out of his depth like
a little page.

None of these people are what the UK needs,
they need an actual knight, maybe an actual Sir?

So the next Tory leader will be Starmer!
We'll have a Starmer flavoured blend of conservatism.

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