Duane Gerell Sweed Story - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

1 year ago

Laderra Turner-Sweed joins us to talk about what happened to her husband Duane in an American Hospital regarding the Covid Protocols and the Moderna Shot. "On January 21, 2022 the ambulance took him to Gardena Memorial  because it was close by and he was having trouble breathing.  I gave the paramedics the names of Duane's medicines that he took daily.  I  told them that he did NOT smoke,  and had a Stent in his chest from years earlier.  Also, I told them that he had been vaccinated.

My husband called me from the hospital and said that he had been diagnosed with Covid.  Marjan Chegounchi, M.D was Duane's assigned doctor. Instead of putting Duane in intensive care unit, they put him in a room on the fifth floor and forgot about him until he was found four days later unresponsive."

Read more about this heartbreaking story and others by visiting https://chbmp.org/cases/murdered-by-covid-vaccines/duane-gerell-sweed/

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