Second Coming of Christ in the Cloud & Spirit of Truth ❤️ Book of the true Life Teaching 13 / 366

1 year ago

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The Book of True Life Teaching 13 of 366

The Master teaches... Christ's Second Coming "in the Cloud" and his Presence as the Spirit of Truth

Divine Revelations - Mexico 1866 -1950

The Lord says:

1. The house of the Father is in a festive mood. The banquet is prepared. The reason is that this people, like the prodigal son, has returned home. Be seated at the table and eat of the food, the moment is proper and pleasant.

2. Likewise during the Second Era I would sit down at the table, surrounded by my disciples. They knew that Jesus was the Messiah, who had been promised to come and save His people. You have not seen Me in the flesh as they did, but through the essence of this word, you feel the presence of the Master, who had promised you to return and send you the Spirit of Truth, to explain to you all past teachings so that you would understand what you had failed to comprehend.

3. But who is the Spirit of Truth, other than the same wisdom of God? Where can you find Him if not through this spiritual Doctrine which explains and clarifies it all?

4. I prophesied that I would return, when mankind found itself at the highest level of wickedness and confusion; that is why men, on seeing that their science and perversity have produced a fruit which is in full maturity, have a feeling that something Divine is about to be manifested. That presentiment, is due to the fact that My spiritual presence speaks to each spirit; My justice as a Father, is manifesting itself among humanity.

5. You will not see Me in the flesh again, today you will have to prepare yourselves to behold Me in Spirit; that is the way you were led to believe since the Second Era. The Master ascended in a cloud, the last time He was even visible before His disciples, and in that same manner it was announced to you that He would return.

6. Today I speak to you through these spokesmen prepared by Me; tomorrow My voice will re-echo in your heart and within all spirits, for My word is like the resounding toll of a bell which awakens and revives the incarnated as well as the discarnated. It is a universal call. Since past times I said to you that none of My children would be lost and that if a sheep would be in danger, I would leave the ninety nine in the fold in order to go in search of the one who strayed.

7. Truly I say to you, o My new disciples: You will come to understand what none of My disciples of the Second Era comprehended.

8. How many times while speaking to them, they looked at one another to ask who among them had understood what Jesus had said; and not able to explain to themselves the words of the Master, they finally begged Him to be more precise in His lesson. In truth I say to you, My word could not have been more precise, but during that time the spirit was not sufficiently evolved to understand all the teachings it had received; it was necessary for time to pass, that mankind advance spiritually, so that, enlightened by the light of spirituality, it would understand the meaning of the Divine revelations.

9. Nevertheless, when the time came, those disciples knew as much as was necessary to teach their brethren and what they still did not know, was revealed through their lips by the Holy Spirit, for they were already prepared for that mission.

10. If during the time in which they lived with the Master, some interpreted His teaching one way or others in a different manner, when the time came for their struggles and their preaching, all were united under one ideal, inspired by the same wisdom, the same love. Each one undertook his journey through different regions; but their spirits, their thoughts, were in unity in the mission which they would fulfill, animated by the memory of Jesus.

11. They always managed to get together to exchange impressions over the struggles, their tribulations, and also to rejoice over their acquired successes. Some would share with others their inspirations, courage and faith.

12. They were able to sow the seed which I entrusted to them, for one did not sow wheat and another weeds; no, everyone sowed only one seed, and it was that of love which I had taught them; for that reason, the fruit which sprouted from the hearts of men was of love. Do you understand what I am saying to you, when I speak of deeds which your brethren of that time carried out?

13. Do not wonder whether you are greater or lesser than they are; I only say that you must love them just as they loved you, clearing for you the path and teaching you to follow your Lord, giving you their lives. Imitate them in their faith, in their earnestness, in their charity.

14. Feel yourselves in truth as My disciples. I have brought you within My Doctrine the Divine Law which is present in your conscience. What is it that you fear from other doctrines, theories, sciences or philosophies? Or is it by chance that you fear those who study the ancient Scriptures or the religions which call themselves Christians? Truly I say to you, The Doctrine which I am revealing to you, is nothing more than an explanation or confirmation of the revelations which you were given in previous eras.

15. I have not come to bring you confusion to add to that which is already prevalent in the world, but rather to liberate you from it, just as Moses did previously with his people, whom he delivered from bondage in Egypt where he was a slave.

16. I want to take you as I did at that time to safe ground, and for that purpose I have opened My book before you to a new chapter so that through it you will recognize that long and narrow path which I have laid out with My Law throughout the times.

17. Comply, so you will not have to return to Earth in times of suffering, to gather the fruit of your faults or that of your egotism. Fulfill your mission and then you will return, but it will be in times of peace to rejoice in reaping the sowing which you left unfinished. Today you will not have Moses leading the way to liberate you as he did during the First Era; it will be your conscience which will guide you.

18. Outwardly men will arise by themselves seeking peace and the truth, but truly I say to you: The spirit of Elijah will manifest itself before all peoples and nations and will make a call to them toward freedom.

19. The Word that has always been in God speaks to you, the same who was in Christ and whom today you know as the Holy Spirit; because the Word is an expression, a Law, a message, a revelation and wisdom. If you heard the Word through Christ and now you receive it through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in truth I say, It is the voice of God that you have heard, for only one God exists, only one Word and only one Holy Spirit.

20. Analyze, understand and prepare yourselves so that the times of trials will not surprise you and My word will not be sterile, for I want you to give testimony of it to mankind tomorrow. You will have to be firm so that your faith will not weaken, because only an instant of weakness can be the cause of your confusion.

21. In 1950, you should already be prepared. This date will be unforgettable for these people.

22. Who will reach that date? Who will be witnesses to the mandates and instructions which I will deliver to you on that day, as well as of My new prophecies? You do not know, but I will also say to you: Who are the ones who will be truly prepared for that ordeal and be able to follow a true course in their struggle?

23. You do not know, I only tell you that if for you it seems years, for Me they are only brief instances, for I am not subject to time, but you are. However, if you believe that the years that you still have left are many, and that even if you squander them you will have sufficient time to prepare yourselves, you are in grave error; do not be overconfident, for time passes swiftly and nothing will alter My will. Can you stop time? Your answer is no. Then neither can you prevent My mandates from being fulfilled.

24. Meditate, be prepared so you may enjoy this communication and use your time in the practice of everything which gives you spirituality. Then you will not fear the hour in which you cease to hear My word.

25. I have spoken to you of many trials, and I have prepared you. My word filled with teachings and love is the strength and caress which your Lord bestows upon you.

26. I await you at the summit of the mount where I will give you peace. I have come to you in three eras to indoctrinate you and this is the third in which I am reuniting you, to reveal My last teachings. My mission as the Master was not ended on the cross. Today you will begin to understand with the light of My lessons much more than you had previously learned.

27. But how few are those who have prepared themselves to receive Me. Among you I behold many who have extinguished their lamp and have been left in darkness while others have already forgotten Me. In spite of your spiritual progress, you have not reached perfection, and while some have evolved, others have remained at a standstill.

28. Since the beginning of time I have taught you how to pray so you would always be in contact with My Divinity. I said that you should always comply with the Divine Law and also with the human law. The one which I delivered to the first humans, is the same which I am revealing today for its fulfillment.

29. O My beloved Israel, are you not weary of traveling so much? Has not the burden of your restitution overwhelmed you? Have you not been sickened because of so much pain that you have endured? Is your familiarity with pain so much that you have become insensitive? Do you not feel any more love toward the Father or your brethren? You have entered into a deep lethargy and are indifferent to every elevated feeling; you live a distracted and inhumane existence, and you have forgotten your spiritual obligations; however, I want you to prepare your mind to receive My word and allow Me to dwell within your heart so you may live in grace again.

30. I wish to take you to live in other planes where you will vibrate in harmony with elevated spirits so that you will keep on ascending without stopping. When you arise to follow Me you will not be indolent again; you will cease to drink that bitter cup, you will love life and be in unity with all your brethren.

31. Prepare yourselves, go before your brethren in My name, dry the tears of those who suffer, encourage the weak, lift the fallen and rescue the lost. Carry the light everywhere. Many will recognize Me during their human life and others when they find themselves in the spiritual realm. It is My will for all to awaken in order to deposit My seed of love in their spirit.

32. You will behold that some will believe in My manifestation of this Third Era upon hearing My teaching transmitted through My spokesmen; others will believe from your testimony, and many more through the writings that will remain of My word.

33. I want all of you to remain strong so you will not turn back on the first obstacle nor fear any adversary. I prepare you so you can perform miracles and convert your brethren with the proofs which I will grant you.

34. Understand Me, and lay the foundation of your faith upon the firmness of a rock so nothing can destroy it. Do not keep your lips sealed for fear of being censored, nor conceal from your brethren that I have returned in this period. Develop your gift of speech and allow the wisdom and love that I have given you to overflow from your heart.

35. Be watchful over your nation, do not allow war to penetrate it. Open the doors of your heart and let the one whom you call a foreigner to enter, the man of good will and also the one who shelters wickedness in his heart, because in this land his spirit will be illuminated and it will be like a solicitous mother to everyone. I will prepare the granaries so you will give nourishment to the hungry and there will be good will and peace among all My children.

36. Prepare yourself spiritually so that you may glimpse your future and understand that after 1950 you will remain as My apostles, in the same manner as those who followed Me in another time. They knew that even after I was to disappear as Man, they would have My spiritual presence and they would be accompanied and illuminated by Me. I rejoiced to see their faith, their unity, their inspiration and their word quickly moved men of that period, because they were able to put into practice all that their Master had taught them.

37. Be prepared, o humanity, and receive the light of My Spirit which is poured upon everything created. I am indoctrinating a people who will convey to you a message of peace. I will speak through their mouths; if you reject them, you will have rejected Me.

38. Remind mankind that each time I have come to them, I have found them distracted by what is mundane and that is why they have not felt my presence. But how could they be able to wait for such a long time since you, My people, gave indications of your impatience when you left Egypt and could not wait just a few more days for the return of Moses? When he descended from Mount Sinai, carrying the Tables of the Law, he found the people devoted to an idolatrous worship. In only a few moments of weakness, they had erased the name of the true God from their hearts to substitute Him for a golden calf.

39. It was then that the Lord called those people hard of understanding. For that reason, it does not surprise Me that after an era I find that men, although they have My promise, would weaken in their faith, that they would let their lamps be extinguished and in My place substitute so many idols which they worship today. Would it be possible for them to recognize Me now that I have come among them? It is natural that all that is Mine would seem strange to them.

40. I revealed to you that My return would be in a cloud. Now that I am already among you and have therefore, fulfilled My promise, in truth I say to you, the cloud is a representation of My presence in Spirit. In the same way that My disciples saw Me ascend, once My work was concluded during the Second Era, I have descended among mankind during this period.

41. You must remember that when Moses was called by the Lord to Mount Sinai, a cloud covered said mountain, and on the third day, in the midst of that cloud, the voice of Jehovah resounded. That manifestation was witnessed by everyone; that cloud was seen by the multitude which was congregated at the foot of that Mount. It was the Lord who since then has made it understood that His Kingdom and His realm are beyond all that is material.

42. Although the Lord materialized His presence in that cloud and startled the people with His manifestations of power and justice, those men, with a hardness of heart and understanding, became disloyal in their pact which they had made before God only in a moment of fear.

43. Now that I come in a cloud, I am alighting in your spirit, therefore My manifestations during this Third Era are invisible to mortal eyes. Only the spirit, with its elevated senses, is the one that is able to see, feel and understand My revelations.

44. That spiritual sense that I am developing in you, so that through it you may be able to analyze and contemplate all that up to now has been revealed to you since the beginning of your life, will be the one that will come to destroy all false interpretations that men have made from what is Divine. Little by little the light is penetrating the heart of My children, for which I say to you that the moment is not too distant in which they themselves will understand the meaning of what may happen in the life of mankind.

45. There are some who ask themselves while listening to this word: By chance has the Lord descended during this period to make Himself felt only by those of us who have listened to His teaching through a human faculty, or has He done this among all mankind? Truly I say to you: the spiritual cloud provides its protective shade to all the world, just as in the First Era when it covered all His people who were assembled before Mount Sinai.

46. O disciples of this new period, study My word, for you will be needful of My wisdom during your struggle.

47. Behold the pages of the book whose Seals were broken by the Lamb. The voice of the Divine Word emanates from the Book of Life and reaches those who are dead to the life of grace to resurrect them.

48. It is not essential for Me to take a human form to make Myself heard by men. You have Me here in Spirit, speaking to you through a human faculty without having to walk physically upon the dust of the Earth. This manifestation has been a preparation for a direct communication of spirit to Spirit, between you and your Creator.

49. Blessed are those who during this period await My spiritual arrival, for they will see Me coming in a cloud.

50. Men have dedicated themselves to scrutinize the ancient Testaments, torturing their minds in the study and interpretation of the prophecies and the promises. Those among them who have come closer to the truth, are the ones who have found the spiritual meanings of My teachings, because those who still persist in a material interpretation, and do not know or do not wish to find the spiritual meaning of My manifestations, will have to suffer confusions and disappointments, just as the Jewish people suffered upon the arrival of the Messiah, whom they had imagined and awaited in a manner unlike the truth which was manifested to them.

51. On breaking the Sixth Seal from the Book of Life, I give you this explanation.

52. In order for Me to give you these new revelations, it was necessary that during the time which transpired between My manifestation to mankind as a Man and My arrival in Spirit during this time, you would have passed through many reincarnations on Earth, then when I would come and ask you for the previous lesson, your spirit would be able to answer and when I would grant new revelations, you would be able to understand them.

53. The book of the Seven Seals is the history of your life, of your evolution on Earth, with all its struggles, passions, conflicts and finally with the triumph of righteousness and justice, of love and spirituality over the passions of materialism.

54. In truth believe that everything leads to a spiritual and eternal goal, so that you may give each lesson its rightful place that corresponds to it.

55. While the light of the Sixth Seal illuminates you, it will be a time of conflict, of vigilance and purification, but when that period has passed, you will have reached a new stage in which the Seventh Seal will open new revelations to you. With what satisfaction and joy will the new time be received by the spirit when it is found in a cleansed and prepared state. While the Sixth Seal illuminates you, flesh and spirit will be purified.

56. The time approaches in which your spirit should manifest itself fully on Earth. Up to now, it has not been possible because of the hardness and materialism that it holds; but after purification, men will allow their spirit to manifest and develop in virtue. The glass will be cleansed and transparent and will allow a contemplation of its contents, and also enable it to overflow.

57. Before departing for the hereafter, men will make this Earth a world of peace, a dwelling where the light of the spirit will glow forever.

58. You must not lean back and slumber, believing that others will be the ones who will see the fulfillment of this prophecy and the ones who will enjoy that peace. By chance, do you know if you will come in those times? For certain I say to you: There is no sowing which does not bear fruit nor deeds without reward.

59. Much will be the bitterness which men will have to endure in order to see the arrival of that period, but you who expect it, should not fear, for in your struggles or in your solitude, there is always a shining star that illuminates your path and that star is Elijah.

60. I ask you, o multitudes who listen to this voice: Are you ready to follow Me along this path, obeying My mandates? Will you have the necessary courage to speak about this Doctrine to your brethren? Do you believe yourselves capable of worshiping Me without the necessity of rituals or symbols? Will you be ashamed before the different religions to call yourselves followers of spirituality? Will you not weaken or repent after having begun this journey? You will not doubt before the criticism and attacks which your fellow- men make, or be annoyed if they deny you by banishing you from their homes?

61. Do not believe that I question you because I ignore the way that you will feel tomorrow and your reaction during your trials. You are well aware that I ignore nothing, but if I formulate these questions, it is for the purpose of having you repeat them, meditating upon them, because from that meditation you might attain an enlightenment, a decision, strength and confidence in Me.

62. If I did not prepare you beforehand, how would you be able to confront all adversities and trials?

63. Be patient, O My people, and prudent before mankind; do not despair; keep in mind that in your trials you will show your most beautiful examples of forgiveness, charity and firmness.

64. But do not fear, for I have said that I have come to enrich you spiritually; the elements which are indispensable for your human life will not forsake you; keep in mind that he who has spiritualized himself, has possessed all, and even though he does not have earthly benefits, if he identifies himself with the Lord of all creation, he, as a son, must feel himself heir and even master of what his Heavenly Father possesses.

My Peace be with you!

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