Be Mindful of Your Words They Are Setting The Course For The Year

Originally posted to YouTube on 01-08-22
Shalom Mighty Pillars,
I’m putting this video out to help those of you who may be struggling with the words that are coming out of your mouth. If you are struggling to stay positive because of family drama, or challenges in your career, business, or ministry, the list is endless with the current political and spiritual condition of our country and the world. It’s easy to be influenced by all the negative things we see and hear in the news and television shows. If you’re not maintaining a prayer life and reading the word of God then guess what? That’s not what’s going to come out of you when you are under pressure because you are not getting it in you. You can be sure of this. Whatever you are full of is going to come out when you are under pressure. This can bring blessing or cursing.

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