THG Episode 92: The Solace of the Soul: Dreaming your Destiny

1 year ago

Join us for episode 92, where we welcome Machiel Klerk to The Hidden Gateway Podcast!

Machiel Klerk is a licensed therapist, expert, and international speaker on dreams.

He has traveled the world, studying various cultures, their healing traditions, and their dream practices.

Michael’s new book, Dream Guidance: Connecting To the Soul Through Dream Incubation, teaches how to harness the wisdom hidden in our dreams through the ancient method of dream incubation.

Machiel created the Jung Society of Utah and the highly successful organization Jung Platform. Jung Platform is the leading worldwide organization providing Jungian and Soul-Centered psychological programs to the public. The organization has over 150 programs taught by prominent teachers and serves people in over 150 countries.

In this episode, we discuss dream incubation, an ancient practice that has been used by cultures throughout history and provides practical and valuable information on how dreams can help us in all areas of our daily lives.

You don’t want to miss this banger!

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