Richard Pottorff's wife came down with CJD, a fatal prion disease, a week after getting the shot

1 year ago

CJD is extremely rare... 1 case per million people per year. There are many reports of this happening shortly after COVID vaccination. Here's a case history in Sunnyvale, CA of this happening. It looks like it won't be written up in the medical literature since nobody wants to talk about it. The doctors cannot figure out the cause or an effective treatment. It took 6 months for them to get an appointment because the neurologists are so overbooked due to a flood of neurological cases... they don't know why. None of the 10 doctors who looked at this case think there is any possibility it is the vaccine despite the medical literature showing dozens of such cases. I wish I could interview these doctors on camera but you know what the chances of that happening are... zero.

In this video, you'll hear from Tammy's husband and mother what they think about what happened to Tammy.

About 10% of Tammy's friends won't be getting any further shots. The other 90% are not deterred by the story and want to be protected (even though booster shots add no protection at all).

Tragic. The one doctor who is aware of what is going on and told the family not to take the vaccine is not speaking out publicly because he doesn't want to have his medical license taken away.

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