3 months ago

"The Walls are Closing in on Mr. Fauci": Dr. Pam Popper Looks Forward to Fauci's Deposition

"He's used to dealing with congress where he could lie and then just go back to the office and go about his business.

This is how serial killers get caught. After they've killed people for 40 years they get careless and then they get caught. Well that's what's happening with Mr. Fauci and a lot of his cohorts. They've gone too far this time and they've made way too many people angry. They've hurt way too many people and we're just not going to let it go."

Full Video: https://rumble.com/v1plzo1-operation-covid-pam-popper-alleges-orchestrated-misinfo-event-w-dr.-kelly-v.html

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