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Two Weeks Away From a Red Tsunami or Another Stolen Election

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There are only two possible outcomes two weeks from today. Either there will be a massive red tsunami that will give the GOP control of the House and the Senate along with multiple wins at the state level compared to few surprising losses, or we'll have a repeat of 2020. We know this because the polls are close in races that normally lean very much Democrat. Considering the polls are invariably tilted to favor Democrats by between 4- and 12-points, it's mathematically impossible for them to come out of this election without massive losses.

Of course, this is 2022. This is the age of propaganda followed by voter fraud followed by gaslighting, just like we saw in 2020 and beyond. We've been seeing the propaganda in "neutral" corporate media for some time, but that would happen whether there was a plan to steal the midterms or not. We won't know how boldly they're going to manufacture wins for Democrats until after election day, but know this: If we see anything short of a massive red wave that gives full control of Capitol Hill to Republicans, we can blame voter fraud.

The House of Representatives being turned over to Republicans is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Even with massive voter fraud, it's actually much harder to contaminate House races because the districts are smaller. It would take voter fraud operations in at least 20 districts across the country. To steal the 2020 election, they had operations in 8 or 9 districts that flipped the states necessary for Joe Biden to win.

The Senate is a bit more challenging because there are far fewer races — 35 Senate seats compared to all 435 up for grabs in the House. Of those 35, most are already secured to be red or blue. There are only about a dozen races that are really in question.

The four most likely races the Democrats could flip should all be won by Republicans. Ron Johnson should be safe in Wisconsin despite the race being currently called a "toss up." Ted Budd will win in North Carolina and J.D. Vance will win in Ohio. As for John Fetterman vs Dr. Mehmet Oz, that's the seat that has the best chance of being flipped to the Democrats. If it is, that would put them at 51-49.

But there are six vulnerable Democrat seats and I can see at least four of them being flipped. As much as I like Tiffany Smiley, she will need some major help to beat Patty Murray in Washington. She's surging, albeit a bit late. Mark Kelly is vulnerable and if Blake Masters can ride the red wave properly he should flip Arizona. Joe O'Dea is a massive RINO so I think he loses to Michael Bennet in Colorado. Don Bolduc has a shot against Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire. That leaves Herschel Walker in Georgia and Adam Laxalt in Nevada. I believe both races will flip red.

Smiley and O'Dea will likely lose, but I believe the other four seats will be flipped which, if Fetterman wins in Pennsylvania, would put the count at 53-47 for Republicans. That means I can be wrong about two races and the GOP still retakes control. If Democrats "miraculously" keep a 50-50 tie to give Chuck Schumer another round as Majority Leader, we can look to voter fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada as the most likely arenas for voter fraud to have won out.

Not surprisingly, those happen to be four of the states that many believe were stolen in the 2020 presidential election.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I broke down why I believe there will be either a red tsunami or the election was stolen. There's actually a third scenario in which the Arizona and Pennsylvania races are the primary focus of voter fraud. The powers-that-be do not want Kari Lake or Doug Mastriano to win because they would have access to voter fraud information from 2020 that they would likely reveal to the world. Their races aren't just about stopping America First patriots from being in office. It's about continuing the gaslighting about the 2020 election.

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